Preparations for Amy’s first birthday party

I am not one for birthday parties with 40, 50 or even 60 guests, especially when they are for a baby. I simply find them over the top and too stressful. You want your baby’s first birthday party to be fun and not a day of stress, running around and feeling guilty because you didn’t manage to speak to every guest. The general hectic of parties and big family gatherings is one of the main reasons why we are packing our suitcases and jetting off to Germany for Amy’s birthday. We didn’t go over for Christmas and her first birthday is a milestone that we want to share with my family.

Thankfully my mum and dad, although his part of the familly absolutely loves a good party with half the village, totally agree with me when it comes to celebrating on the small scale. So for Amy’s first birthday there won’t be bouncy castles, there won’t be five entertainers and there won’t be 40 children running riot in a village hall that looks as if it was hit by a bomb once the whole shebang is over. We will invite my grandparents over to my parents’ house, have some yummylicious cupcakes and a BBQ, if the weather permits it and that is it. Doing it on the small scale means that it is really about Amy and that is how it should be. I want it to be a day that celebrates her and not a day about guests that I have seen once in the last three years. Doing it on the small scale doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about all the other things that surround a first birthday though. Of course, there will be bunting and balloons (I’m thinking of having a Woodland theme, but I am not quite sure yet) and what would a birthday be without presents? I know that my sister and parents have already gone mental shopping for their first grandchild and niece, so I am already trying to think up a masterplan on how we will get everything back to the UK – I think we might have to turn to a courier again.



I haven’t bought any presents myself as yet, but I have plenty of ideas for small things that I would love to get Amy. Ben and I definitely want to buy her some musical instruments as she absolutely adores music and I have also set my eyes on a really cute activity cube with lots of beads, a shape sorting side, a maze and a clock that I am sure will entertain Amy for hours. I absolutely adored everything with beads when I was a toddler and have fond memories of my doctor’s surgery which had a massive wall piece with beads to play with and having seen how fascinated Amy was by her cousin’s toy, this one is definitely going to be a winner with her. We haven’t decided on anything else yet as, to be honest, Amy has dozens of toys, so I am thinking that we might just get her something useful such as a toddler duvet cover and some pillows as she will be enough for them and maybe we will get some more books for our book collection.

Before I write my final shopping list though, I have to get used to the idea that my little baby girl is becoming a toddler. I know that everyone has told me that time flies, but nobody told me that it was happening this fast. I can’t quite believe that it is almost a year ago that Amy was born. My memories of my pregnancy and her birth are still so alive that it feels as if it was only yesterday that we brought her home, but I guess it’s always like that with the happiest days in your life, isn’t it?

How did you feel when your little one celebrated their first birthday and what is your view on first birthday parties? Are they really for the child or more for the parents? Did you have a massive party with all your friends and family or did you keep it small? I would love to hear about your little one’s birthday parties and if you have any great ideas for birthday presents, please let me know too. 


  1. actuallymummy says

    I have to say I went over the top with my first, but my second didn't get a party until he was 4! Really no point, except it is quite cute to watch them wondering what all the fuss is about!

  2. Bishopston Mum says

    Hi Carolin, I completely agree with you about how stressful children's birthday parties can be.  I find it is the parents of the children that can make it extra hard work because you need to be a good host, keeping the cups of teas coming, etc.  At my little boy's second birthday party I even missed him opening his presents I was so busy looking after everyone else.  This year we opted out and hired a local soft play venue where they take care of everything apart from the cake!  For my little girl's first birthday back in November, we didn't have a big party for her at alll, just grandparents and aunties and she had a great time:-)

    I hope your little girl's first birthday is wonderful!

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