A year ago today…

A year ago today, I was ready to pop. It was Amy’s due date. My family was on their way over from Germany and there was no sign of Little Miss Stubborn. I had been eating a pineapple a day to get things going for weeks. I walked for miles every day and we ate so much curry to get me into labour that I had cumin and garam masala pouring out of my ears. Nothing worked and I got more and more impatient. I was so desperate to meet my little girl and I was even more desperate for my family to meet her before they had to head back to Germany. In the end, Amy let us wait another 10 days before she made her long awaited appearance. I should have known then that this girl means trouble. But there is one thing that has changed since last year: Amy doesn’t make us wait for anything. Oh no, she does everything at high speed and it makes our lives so exciting. A couple of days ago she took her first steps, now she is running through the living room as if she was Usain Bolt himself. I can’t wait for all the things to come. I love you baby girl!


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