Amy shows Swedish chic: A Me&I review

I fell in love with Sweden in 2000 when I went on a school exchange with our partner school in Lysekil, a little town on the Swedish west coast not too far away from Gothenburg. I had a great time and instantly fell in love with not only the friendly people, but also their great sense of fashion. So when me&I, a Swedish company who produce fashionable clothes for both children and adults, asked me, if I wanted to review their clothes, it would have been rude to say “No”.

After a good snoop around the me&I website, I received a phone call from me&I’s Pernilla (I love this name as a character in my Swedish book at uni was called like this) who asked me which item I would like to review and helped me to find the correct size for Amy. Being used to UK sizes, I had no clue what her European size was – pretty embarrassing seeing that I am German, but thanks to Pernilla, I am all clued up now and can tell my mum what size her granddaughter has.

But let’s get back to Amy’s first Swedish piece of clothing: She has a wardrobe full of pink and girly clothes, so I thought that it would be nice to go for a more subtle colour that she could still combine with the more colourful items in her closet. While snooping around the website, I instantly fell in love with an absolutely adorable little brown cardigan with a cloud print that was modelled by an equally adorable little girl. It’s called “Cloudy Cardigan”, is made of Italian fleece and organic cotton and is just super soft. I can only imagine how comfy it must be. Amy seems to thoroughly enjoy wearing it as it is one of the few pieces of clothing that she doesn’t try to take off halfway through the day and I am really happy with it too. It doesn’t lose its colour in the wash, has an excellent fit and most of all, it looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

You can buy the me&I range online or invite all your mummy friends round and throw a me&I party. Simple organise some drinks and nibbles, sit down on the sofa and enjoy a show of cool me&i clothes in your living room!

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  1. Jo Booth says

    I really like Scandinavian childrens clothes, the brands I’ve found have been not only stylish but really good quality. Thankfully, I have a Swedish friend who recommends these brands to me :-)

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