How to save electricity as a family

Money is tight, it’s always going to be that way for the family, but how has it come to this? The latest budget released by the government is something that has been met with mixed reviews, and when you consider the report about fuel poverty as well, it’s time to work out how your whole family can work together to save electricity.

From using energy efficient utilities to just know how you can maximise your tariff, getting the right electricity prices can be easier than you think. Interested in getting the right deal you always deserved? Of course you are, so read on for more.

How the family can work together

Strategies can only succeed when everyone works together, because teamwork is the key staple to any hitting targets. Having an aim is all about first knowing what energy you currently use and knowing whether you have the right tariff or not. From here you can compare electricity prices and find the right deal for you. First though, find out how your family members can do their bit.

What you need to do is make it fun. Inform both yourself and your children how what they do costs the household money so that you will all be better equipped with the knowledge moving forward. Lighting is a big cause of problems and that’s because people forget to turn them off when they leave the room. What’s more is that the majority of people will leave appliances and gadgets on stand-by when it’s not needed.

This is your time, lead by example. You’re not helping your own back pocket but the whole environment on this planet. Teach each other to turn games consoles and computers completely off after use or how turning the thermostat down can save a lot of energy or how shorter showers can reduce energy wastage. They may all seem like small points, but when added together they create big results.

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Efficient utilities

A big part of using less electricity in the home is how well your utilities and appliances work in regards to efficiency. It may be something that you don’t think about but by having your fridge running properly during a year will see your bill drop because it’s working at the right level.

Similarly, the rise of Energy Star appliances has been nothing short of phenomenal. Without doubt, this is the best way for your property to be green and save you money. It’s no surprise that things like the dishwasher and washing machine use a great deal of energy, so by getting the correct appliances installed you can trim pounds off your bill.

Getting the best deal

Now that we’ve had a look at the last two points, it’s now time for knowing what the best deal. Finding the cheapest offers can sometimes seem like an impossible task. But, with such competition between energy providers you can get the right deal – so long as you know now. Here’s how:

  • The right tariff – Knowing what you use is crucial. With this you know what sort of category you are looking at for your cheap gas and electricity prices.
  • Online billing – Through this, tracking and monitoring is easier and it is easier to find discounts or promotions.
  • Direct debit – Pay it off straight away using a direct debit so that this can save any potential expenses.


  1. Marion says

    I am alway getting moaned at for reminding my family to turn off lights, don’t leave things on standby etc. Never mind, hopefully it will drop in place soon lol 😀 I just got to keep thinking of the saving both to the planet and my pocket 😀

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