Win 3 Special Double Pack DVDs of Pokémon the Movie: Black and Pokémon the Movie: White

Ash, Pikachu and friends embark on a new adventure in the feature length films, Pokémon The Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and Pokémon The Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom. Fans can watch all the action when the movies launch at retail stores nationwide on 9th April 2012 as a special double pack DVD.

When Ash and his friends enter a battle competition in Eindoak Town, they meet the Mythical Pokémon Victini, who becomes their newest friend. But disaster strikes when the misguided wanderer Damon seizes Victini for his own plans! Can Ash prove himself a hero and earn the help of the Legendary Reshiram—or Zekrom—to rescue Victini and save Eindoak Town?

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  1. Aaron Walkden says

    My favourite pokemon is Arcanine as its a sub-legendary but also because it was my first pokemon card i ever had

  2. natalie main says

    I would say Articuno is my favourite. I love the legendary pokemon and the myth behind it how it'll appear to people on the mountain. Also because of the fact I never managed to capture it in the game, it was the one that got away. 

  3. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Pikachu is my favourite!  (I have clicked to post this twice so third time lucky and apologies if they all turn up at once)

  4. RiEA says

    Picking a favorite pokemon character is hard!~ If I had to choose my favorite pokemon character I would say Ash and my favorite pokemon would be pikachu bc of how cute pikachu is and bc of how strong he is!~ plus he can travel on ur shoulder! 😀 but another favorite would have to be wabaphet and psyduck! Those two are hilarious!~ I would luv to have those clumsy Pokemons too! XD Having a legendary pokemon would be awesome too!~ I wish I could be a pokemon master! <3 I would luv to collect my own pokemon and go on those exciting journeys, getting badges, and becoming a legendary hero!

  5. EyeGotcha says

    My favorite Pokemon character would have to be Team Rocket and meowth! lol I feel bad for them sometimes!! but they are really awesome characters! They are funny, bad at being evil, and are  nice! Even though they are supposed to be the bad guys they really aren't! Team Rocket is cool! ;D

  6. MazeO says

    charzard all the way! He is awesome! I remember how difficult it was for Ash and Charzard to get along with each other but in the end they became friends!! :) it was a good episode! Charzard is really strong and cool! I luv Charzard!

  7. Piperanddaisy says

    Has to be Pikachu. I still remember the old joke:

    Q: How do you get Pikachu on the bus?
    A: You Poke 'im' on

  8. Rebecca Denyer says

    Pikachu is our favourite, my son used to have a 4ft pikachu teddy on his bed and wouldnt sleep unless it was tucked in with him for a cuddle

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