Healthy lunch boxes for kids: Win a copy and say goodbye to boring food!


Do you remember opening your lunch box at school to find yet another cheese sandwich and some apple slices? I do! Packed lunch could be incredibly boring and for some reason your friends’ lunch always looked tastier than your own. We often swapped around and sometimes I didn’t touch my lunch at all just to secretly throw my sandwich into the bushes on my home. On rare occasions, I completely forgot about its existence and it almost started growing legs and running through my bag, but I promise this didn’t happen a lot.

To make sure that your children enjoy their packed lunch a little more than the average student, I am giving you the chance to win one copy of Amanda Grant’s book ‘Healthy lunchboxes for kids’. It does not only contain many ideas for healthy lunch options, but also great recipes for quick and easy snacks that all the family can enjoy. Packed with all the information parents need to know on nutrition and including advice on how to ensure your child is eating the right things, this colourful and easy to follow book includes over 75 recipe ideas that will help lunch boxes to step out of the shade and become fun again.

If you want to win a copy of Amanda Grant’s ‘Healthy lunchboxes for kids’, simply fill in the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. olivia kirby says

    I would have loved to have found a kinder egg because the chocolate is yummy and you get a little toy too!

  2. Tracy Grant says

    I would of loved to of found a nice tasty sandwich, because the ones I had where always taste less, there was always more bread then filling lol

  3. Jen says

    I would love to have found chocolate cake,cause you can never have enough cake,probably could have used it as payment to get other kids to do my homework too lol

  4. says

    I always loved Wagon Wheels when I was little! I used to peel them gently apart, lick out the creamy, jammy centre then nibble the biscuit parts and chocolate!  I used to make a right mess lol!

  5. natasha gandy says

    I would have loved to find egg mayo sandwiches in my luchbox because they were so yummy and my absolute favourite but they did smell rotten and they would lead to an afternoon of teasing !! 

  6. says

    I would have loved anything chilled or cold. My abiding memories of packed lunches are of wilted sandwiches and warm juice

  7. Sally H says

    We made our own pack lunch from an early age and had the same thing every day.  Ham sandwich, apple & yoghurt.  Basically, I would have loved anything which wasn't a ham sandwich, apple or yoghurt.

  8. Lee Davis Mse says

    Tunnocks teacakes – the biscuit with marshmallow and all covered in chocolate! nibble off the chocolate from the marshmallow, them eat the marshmallow, then the biscuit! 

  9. Lee Davis Mse says

    Tunnocks teacakes – the biscuit with marshmallow and all covered in chocolate! nibble off the chocolate from the marshmallow, them eat the marshmallow, then the biscuit! 

  10. ashleigh says

    i would have loved to find chocolate because i can never have enough chocolate (and have been like that since i was little)!

  11. Maya Russell says

    I would have loved to have found crisps – salt n' vinegar flavour.I love crisps and was never allowed them as a child.

  12. Rikka B says

    I would have liked to have found Cassie Brown's lunch in my lunch box.  Her mother used to make her heart shaped sandwiches, with smiley faces made of bits of carrot and cucumber and stuff like that.  I was so jealous.

  13. Samantha Atherton says

    I would of loved to find my cat in my lunch box so that i could of fed it the processed ham off my sandwiches as i hated the stuff but my cat seemed quite fond of it.

  14. Saran Benjamin says

    I would have love to have had a lunch box seeing as school dinners were compulsory in my school :0((

  15. Rachsimmons1 says

    I always wanted (and sometimes got!) a little note from my mum or dad, just to say that they loved me lots. I was bullied a lot at school and often ate lunch alone, so it was so nice to get the reassurance now and again! 😀

  16. Gill B says

    I would have loved to find a whole banana in my lunchbox. My father for some unknown reason would only allow us to eat them mashed!! (this was in the 60's) 

  17. says

    I used to pray that my mum had packed pickeled onion monster munch – I also used to love getting a hard boiled egg and marmite sandwiches ( I was a strange child !!! )

  18. says

    I would have loved to find fresh apple juice in my lunchbox for a treat, instead I got orange squash every single day!  Variety would have been nice and I love apple juice!

  19. Louise Smith says

    I lived across the road from my school so went home for lunch everyday. I would have liked a sandwich, crisps and a yoghurt (or chocolate biscuit)!

  20. Paul Green says

    I would have loved peanut butter or salt and vinegar crisp sandwiches but always got boring ham!

  21. Angie Allen says

    Any fresh sandwich was always welcome, but always got soggy sandwiches after a hot sunny day.

  22. Claire Sheehan says

    I used to yearn for normal bread! I was the only kid to have pitta bread and I got strange looks no end. The filling was even odd, egg and Heinz sandwich spread (it is delicious though)

    So a cheese and Branston on white bread would have done me so I could fit it with the rest of the gang!

  23. Margaret says

    Would love to have found my mums lemon drizzle cake. It was lovely & moist with a crunchie sugar topping. We didn't get it very often as it was a cake for the grown ups but when we did it was a real treat. So finding that would have been a lovely surprise and  proper treat.

  24. Jennifer T says

    A slice of my Nan's bread pudding, it was delicious and my favourite – that and her riced pudding, but I am not too sure that would have gone in my lunch box that well… 

  25. Steph Marie says

    would love to read this!! i feel guilty i have a terrible imagination when it comes to food.

  26. melanie stirling says

    I would have liked to have a found  a lovely salad instead of sandwiches in my lunch box.When I was at school my friend had really posh looking salads in for lunch and I was always envious!

  27. Gill Davies says

    Egg & Cress sandwiches on yummie bread. My other dream find would be a packet of plain walkers crisps not smiths soggy crisps!

  28. CatAdams says

    I would have loved to have found anything as I had school dinners (although loved most of them!) but they were pretty stodgy!

  29. Martina says

    I had school dinners (not always that nice) so I would love to have anything in my lunch-box. A bar of chocolate, perhaps (JOKING!)

  30. Elizabeth Smith says

    Chocolate covered marzipan. And what would I like to find as an adult? Chocolate covered marzipan. Two of the best flavours in the world, almond and chocolate!

  31. Karen says

    I would have loved tuna sandwiches. I used to get something very quick and easy like jam, but tuna has always been my favourite sandwich filling

  32. Sarah Cooper says

    I always wanted Penguin bars in my lunch box.  I usually used to come home for dinners but the bribe of having a Penguin bar in my lunch box was enough to get me to have lunch at school.  I think it was because we didn't tend to have any junk food at home.

  33. Gillian Holmes says

    I would like to have found a can of coke as these were still quite exotic in my family and never added.

  34. Millicent Green says

    I'd have liked to have found cake or a biscuit as we were never allowed them and I was always jealous of friends who had goodie stuffed lunch boxes.

  35. emma walters says

    one of those orangina bottles that you had to shake, i remember them being all the rage when i was young but never got one in my lunchbox :(

  36. Lottieproc says

    One of those Hippo strawberry mousses (can't remember the name just the ad) because they were such a big treat

  37. says

    Any chocolate bar, why? Because I was not allowed chocolate when I was growing up, so to get my hands on any was like having a quick fag behind the bike sheds. 'Forbidden fruit' for me.

  38. Emma Jackson says

    A wagon wheel chocolate biscuit. A girl on my lunch table one every day and I coveted it sooo much :)

  39. Emily Fowler says

    I would have liked to have found a creme egg in my lunch box every day! Not very healthy, I know, but I was a chocoholic even then!

  40. says

    I'd love to have found one of those white chocolate tubs with the bread sticks to dip. I remember those being a great treat when we went to the supermarket and were allowed one!

  41. Kate O'Neill says

    Primula cheese spread sandwiches, because I was convinced they were the epitome of decadence!

  42. Robyn Clarke says

    Some money to get an ice cream after school I grew up in South Africa and there were many extremely hot days that we'd get out of school and the ice cream man would be waiting at the school gate, felt like we'd won the lottery when we had some money to buy an ice cream after a long day at school.

  43. kayzloucheeseman says

    crisps and chocolate i always had an apple and some other fruit while all my friends had the fun un healthy stuff x

  44. Gill_fell says

    My sister and i used to have white bread SUGAR sandwiches for lunch. It's a wonder that we managed to stay awake at all in the afternoon! Now i'm a mum i'm horrified at this, but i feel we're far more educated about nutrition these days. Thankfully!

  45. Rugmaker says

    I would have loved to find the special chocolate bars that my mother made with crucnched up rich tea biscuits. They are delicious, and now my children love them too!

  46. nocona says

    I loved to find Marmite sandwiches because my mum used to spread them with butter just perfect so they melted in your mouth!  She also used to put my sarnies into shapes and I was the envy of all my friends!

  47. says

    Anything other than jam sandwiches, my dad made our packed lunches while he was a stay at home dad in the 80's and everyday it was jam, different types of jam, but still jam. I was actually pleased when I was moved onto school dinners, even though they were really horrible at least they were't jam!!

  48. Rachel says

    Anything but garlic sausage – my dad put that in a couple of times and even though I loved it, the smell was really embarassing!

  49. Donna Lawton says

    Knowing what I know now I wish that my lunchbox had had more fruit in it. I also love pasta salads but back when I was a kid it was sandwiches with a tonne of butter on, 2 jaffa cakes and a packet of crisps. We weren't health conscious back then! x

  50. Tupibcn says

    Marmite and crisp sandwiches – for some reason it's my favourite sandwich combo. If I ever went on a school trip I'd get a small chocolate bar – what a treat!

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