The Taste of Summer

I do love a bit of kitsch and I do love cupcakes, so when Ben got me these little beauties filled with lip balm, I was over the moon. How very cute are they? I’ve had them for quite a while and didn’t really use them, but now that the sun is finally out to play, I felt that some colour was needed and they do taste like summer.

From left to right they have the following flavours: Lemon Twister, Coconut Dream, Violet Fancy and Raspberry Fluff. Ben got them from Republic, but I had a quick Google Search and you can also buy them on Ebay for £1.99 each or £5.50 for all four of them. The little pots are super cute and have the perfect size for your handbag or even your pockets. I’m a big fan of lip balms as they aren’t as out there as lip stick, for some reason I don’t really like colour on my lips, they have become a massive favourite of mine over the last couple of weeks. They’re also really great value for money as they seem to last forever. I have used them for quite a bit over the last couple of days and am totally hooked on them: they leave a great feeling on the lips, they moisturise and the best of all, they taste so nice that I sometimes catch myself licking the balm of my lips just to apply it 5 minutes later. But that’s enough now, I don’t want to write a full-length review. I just wanted to share my current favourite summer beauty product – if these count as a beauty product at all 😉


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