Children’s books up for review: The Great Granny Gang, The Moose Belongs To Me and Walter & The No Need To Worry Suit

A couple of weeks ago, Harper Collins sent us some lovely children’s books, but as Amy was going through a phase of ripping everything apart, I decided it would be better to keep them away from her for a while. I absolutely love books and they’re somewhat holy to me. I just can’t bare turned-down corners in my books, let alone markings with highlighters, so seeing Amy rip books apart literally filled me with physical pain. Luckily, she’s turned a corner and seems to value her books much more now, if you can say that toddlers value things. She has learned to carefully turn over pages and gets really excited when pointing at the different illustrations, so exploring our new books with my little bookworm was great fun. If you are looking for one or two additions to your bookshelf, here’s what we thought of Harper Collins’ latest children’s books:

The Great Granny Gang by Judith Kerr

“Meet the great grannies – a fearless and talented gang! From rebuilding your chimney to baby-sitting your more unusual pets, from lion taming to road repairs, the grannies have got it covered. But how will they fare when they encounter a gang of hoodies intent on carrying out a daring bakery break-in? Can they foil the heist and save the day? It’s time to sound the granny alert…”

This is such an adorable book. Amy loves the rhyming verses and colourful illustrations and even for me as an adult, this book is a real page turner. I just couldn’t wait to find out what The Great Granny Gang gets up to and if they can save the day.  I won’t tell you what happens as I don’t want to spoil your reading fun, but let’s just say, you’ll close the book with a smile on your face.

You can buy the book in good bookshops or on Amazon searching for The Great Granny Gang. 

This Moose Belongs To Me by Oliver Jeffers

“The story of Wilfred, a boy who owns a moose called Marcel (or at least thinks he owns a moose called Marcel) is as warm and witty and thought provoking a book as we could wish for. It explores friendship and ownership with that particular Jeffers way of looking at things that connects so immediately and deeply with the feelings of children of all ages.”

I love the story behind Oliver Jeffers’ books and This Moose Belongs To Me is no exception. Amy is still a little young to grasp the written concept of rules, but I like the idea of introducing it to her through a story. The book is written in a tought-provoking way and I am quite sure that it will get older children to reflect on their own behaviour. If a book does that, it can only be a good one in my eyes. The illustrations in this book are a little more artsy than in other children’s books we own, so Amy struggled a little to make out what everything is at first, but after a while she understood how the different characters of the book looked and was able to point at them. Once again a fab book, but I don’t expect anything else from Jeffers, if I am being completely honest.

You can buy the book in good bookshops or on Amazon searching for This Moose Belongs To Me. 

Walter & The No Need To Worry Suit by Rachel Bright

“Introducing the first fantastic tale from the Wonderful World of Walter and Winnie. We all worry, but nobody worries like Walter. As the Seriously Competitive Sports and Funday approaches, Walter’s worries start to roll out of control. What can his best friend Winnie and the other Woollybottomers do to help?”

This book was Amy’s absolutely favourite! She loved the colourful illustrations and couldn’t stop giggling at Chloe Cow’s funny face. Infact, Amy likes this book so much that we regularly end up on the sofa readng it four or five times in a row. This toddler girl likes a good read it seems and this book definitely is one of them. It teaches even the youngest reader that you can do anything, if you believe in yourself and have good friends behind you at all times. I really liked the friendship theme of the story and the fun characters of the book definitely make me want to get Amy more books by Rachel Bright. Big thumbs up from us!

You can buy the book in good bookshops or on Amazon searching for Walter & The No Need To Worry Suit. 

Disclosure: We received the books mentions for the purpose of the review. Our opinion is as always our own!



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