Show Me, Show Me – Week 4 – Your biggest fashion faux-pas

Last week, Show Me, Show Me looked at bloggers’ handbags and not too many of you linked up. Either it was too much effort to photograph everything that hides away in your handbag or you weren’t brave enough to show me all the embarrassing things that you carry around with you every day – confess in the comments below!

If you have missed last week’s Linky, here is last week’s post with all the links you’ll need. If you have still no idea what Show Me, Show Me is about, where have you spent the last three weeks? Here’s a little update for you: Every Sunday, I will post the week’s theme on here and on Tuesday, there will be a Linky on the blog that will allow you to share your blog post with everyone else. There’s also a shiny new badge at the bottom of this post, so grab it and let everyone know that you are linking up. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and blog posts each week.

This week, I have sorted out my wardrobe and I have found some seriously, ehm ugly items of clothing. Don’t ask me how they got into my wardrobe. It must have been in a moment of unconsciousness.  But as I am sure you’ve got some skeletons in your closet too, I would love you to show me your biggest fashion faux-pas. Everything goes and don’t think of hiding your little secrets – I want to see it all! So capture this week’s theme in a photo, write a couple of words about it and come back on Tuesday to check out what lingers in other bloggers’ wardrobes.


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