What We Can Find In Today’s Modern Kitchen

In the modern kitchen there are a lot more gadgets and technology than there were even five years ago. Research into kitchen technology is very well funded as the consumer market always goes crazy over the next smart appliance.

Many of us would describe the kitchen as the heart of the home and with the rise in popularity in celebrity chefs and cookery shows; it would seem there are far more of us who fancy ourselves as budding chefs.

Some of the kitchen products on the market are genuinely superfluous to their use and are simply in existence for novelty purposes only. There are some smart appliances though, that are of true use to the modern family.

Energy efficient appliances, such as a washing machine found at Appliances Direct, are in high demand, especially when moving into the winter months when energy use is at its highest. The rising cost of living, especially that of utility bills has seen many people decide to buy products that are as energy efficient as possible.

Mark Kelly, from UK retailer Appliances Direct, is completely behind these technological improvements and said “anything that an everyday appliance can do to make people’s lives easier must be a good thing and it shows how new technologies and innovations can help improve existing pieces of household technology or equipment”

Mark Kelly a spokesperson from UK Retail Experts Appliances Direct is “excited by the continuing development of technology in household appliances and it shows that the industry is innovative and committed to making people’s lives easier”

Self-serviceable appliances are just as valuable to a family whose budget is particularly stretched. Up until the birth of the self-service revolution, if something went wrong with an appliance of yours, but your warrantee had expired, you may be looking at shelling out a lot to have it fixed. In more extreme cases you may have just had to buy a new appliance and when it comes to white goods, this could be an expensive process.

Newer appliances are made with the general consumer in mind and are a lot simpler in design allowing for anyone to fix most of things that could go wrong. This eliminates the need to hire a contractor and in the long run could turn out to be a lot cheaper.

Pick out a Fridge Freezer from appliancesdirect.co.uk and you will notice that many of these money saving features are built in to the new models making a purchase more of an investment in the long run.

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  1. Marion says

    My very first automatic washing machine lasted for 15 years with not a bit of bother, Recent ones have only lasted half that time….nothing can beat the twin tub though 😀

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