Win a MeMeMe Pure Indulgence Pampering Set

It’s my 24th birthday today – for the 5th year running – and I thought that it would be a great idea to share my special day with you all by hosting a lovely little competition. The prize, a MeMeMe Pure Indulgence 7 piece Gift Set, was kindly gifted by Cosmetics Fairy, your online cosmetics shop for all your beauty, make-up and cosmetic needs.

The MeMeMe Pure Indulgence Set includes: 12ml Nail Gloss, 30ml Seventh Heaven Luxury Moisturising Face Base, 40ml Softly Softly hand and nail cream, 3ml Aromatherapy Essential Bath and Relaxation Oil, nail file, Polishing Puff and Scented Candle.

If you would like to win, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below. Please note, incomplete entries will be deleted!

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  1. julie kenny says

    My OH bought me some strong coffee for my 40th – didn't think much of it at the time – but boy did I need it the day after my birthday! 😉

  2. donna davis says

    On my 30th b-day, which just so happens to be on valentines day my boyfriend proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring 😀

  3. TheMadHouse says

    My best ever present was tea at the ritz followed by Mary Poppins. I was 7 months pregnant with Maxi and it was just perfect

  4. soniathorpe says

    Hmmm that is such a good question and I have had so many birthdays it is so hard to choose 😉 I think it was a drum kit that I had when I was about 10! I loved it :O)

  5. Erin Bryant says

    My other half proposed to me on the beach where we had our first date/kiss on my birthday 2 years ago. That was the best birthday ever!! :)

  6. Laura S says

    My best present was a handbag that I had been drooling over for a year but was too expensive for me to buy so all my friends clubbed together to get me it.

  7. Jay Scales says

    A holiday last year! It was a fairly significant birthday, and I got to spend it in a gorgeous thatched cottage with my other half and our old dog. Lovely!

  8. Brigitte Leprince says

    A pyjama case which was like a tiger, loved it because as well as your pyjamas you could hide your precious bits inside so your sister and brother didn't get their hands on them. Kept my pocket money in it for many years – too automatically safe sitting right on the pillow of my bed as a cute ornament! Made me giggle that this hiding place was never found on a daily basis!

  9. Lisa Day says

    My 2 rescued guinea pigs.I love them to bits and i think they were really happy at finally finding a loving new home too.

  10. Faye Lester says

    A kitten when I was 7. My mom hid him under her coat when she picked me up from school as a surprise!! Called him Tiny as he was so little!

  11. says

    My partner gave me a booklet that the children and him had made, it was on the run up to a really important OU exam too, and each page was a token to use for that day. I had treat tickets ranging from chocolate bars, bubble baths and group hugs, to wishes of confidence, luck and even a day off.. where I did nothing! It was simple to make, but meant so much to me. It was the best gift ever.

  12. says

    Best present I have ever received was when I went into hospital to give to my son, and my dad very thoughtfully bought me a bottle of Georgio perfume, (Beverley Hills) as that was my favourite, and it came with a dressing gown – on offer – so I had a lovely new gown and smelt good at hospital! Dad's are so thoughtful. Unlike the boyfriends I've had!! lol !

  13. Amanda Hurst says

    When was 40 my Husband took me on a surprize holiday to Mexico, he took care of everything and kept it quite until a few days before, when he told me to pack for a holiday but wouldn't say where to……..We loved every minute of it.

  14. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    My Mum gave me a large cheque for my 40th, that was the best present because it enabled me to do so many nice things to celebrate!


    On my 40th birthday last year i got a huge bunch of flowers, a lovely bottle of wine in a posh bice bucket and a big helium balloon delivered to my door. it was sent by my brother and was a wonderful surprise.

  16. Jamie Berwick says

    Finding out my wife was pregnant with our first the day before my 28th Birthday was the best… this prize would be for her.

  17. SARAH LAMBERT says

    I found out i was pregnant with my little girl the day before my birthday which was a well waited surprise or i would say my husband proposing to me on my birthday :)

  18. mymillsbaby says

    I've had such rubbish birthdays! Lol. I got arrested once (a case fo mistaken identity) and had my purse stolen. I've also knocked myself unconscious on a dancefloor on a first date!

  19. Rachel says

    My husband made me a ticket box for my last birthday – It's a picture frame with a slot cut in the top to post tickets through to keep as a memento. It's the best present ever, because he made it for me!

  20. Laura Williams says

    Tickets to see Jason Donovan when I was 10! I squealed and jumped around everywhere excited until the concert date!!!! Hahahahaa! Too maaaaanny brokennnn hearts in the worrrrrrld!!!!!!! Lol x

  21. Kelly Dutton says

    My dad built me a wooden gazebo in the garden, ive got so much use out of it as ive not got the biggest indoor space

  22. Kirstie Vaughan says

    I cant actually remember any birthday presents I've been given! Goes to show how impressive they were 😉

  23. maxime goodwin says

    my 33rd Birthday my hubby bought took me to Rural France was a wonderful 3 days!!! lots of wine and good food :)

  24. Fran Light says

    The best birthday present I ever received was a beautiful gold coloured necklace my Mum gave me for my 40th birthday. It's like a zip and you can move the pendant up and down to create different looks. It was hers, and as a child I had always admired it. She decided that I would get a lot more wear out of it than she does nowadays, so she gave it to me :-)

  25. robyn297 says

    Its my birthday today. I've already got my presents, a baby wearing hoodie and a breast feeding hoodie, absolutely love them, warm and cosy with baby boy :-)

  26. @RedGirlLFC says

    My best birthday presents were the car I got for my 17th birthday, it was a right old banger but I loved it! And more recently, my lovely husband bought me my beautiful cat for my birthday last year :)

  27. Angela Webster says

    My husband bought me a pair of earrings from the Disney Couture range, little pocket watches from Alice In Wonderland, I love them so much !

  28. KIERAN WALSH says

    times were hard after the war, in a toy shop they had a wooden train set, which i knew was to expensive, but at xmas, it appeared under the tree, how they got the money too buy it i will never know

  29. kirsty says

    A watch my grandpa had bought years ago to give to me on my 21st, sadly he passed away the year before, my best and most precious birthday present

  30. ali thorpe says

    My first Sindy doll, when I was about four. She had long, dark hair like me. I thought she was just fabulous!

  31. kezseery says

    I had my hair braided when I was 17. It was with pink, purple and white extensions. Really pretty (and I didn't have to wash my hair for months hehe) WIN!

  32. Cheryll H says

    A locket with my babies photo in it. I'm not a locket peson really but it was so sweet – I'll always remember it :

  33. Rachel says

    A box of something nice, when asked I always say something nice. I got a box with a label on saying box of something nice, it had a mixture of bits and bobs in like crisps and chocolate etc

  34. MrsGeek says

    This is quite cheesy, but my partner couldn't afford a birthday present one year (we were students, a long time ago) so he made me this homemade card type thing. He spent hours searching through magazines/leaflets/brochures/newspapers to find pictures & words that would reflect how he felt about me & stuck it together, creatively. It was the most amazing thing I have ever received & I will cherish it forever :)

  35. siggy po says

    my cinderella story soundtrack when i was younger i looked for it everwhere in the shops and my mom pre-ordered it for me for my birthday best gift ever !

  36. barbara clarke says

    my best birthday present was my daughter. I went into labour at 1 in the morning of my birthday and gave birth at 1 the next morning so spent the whole of my birthday in pain but it was worth it

  37. Sue Warr says

    A Victorian Seed-Pearl and Garnet Hair Locket with a portrait painted on Ivory of a pretty woman. It was my 21st Birthday present……

  38. abi rolfe says

    for my 21st my (now ex)boyfriend took me away for a week in Greece 0 total bliss, daytimes of shopping and sunabthing on the beach with evenings full of meals out and cocktails

  39. Lilinha Angel says

    My best present was when hubby went out and bought me a handbag. I couldn't have chosen a better one myself! :) x

  40. Alison Turner says

    My daughter and son at the ages of 9 and 7 saving up their pocket money to buy cakes etc so that I could have a birthday party I was so ,so pleased and proud.

  41. Mrs E Howe says

    The best birthday present I have ever had was a trip to swim with dolphins, unfortunately I didn't realise I was actually terrified of real ones until I was in the water! But as its the thought that counts, that was my best :)

  42. amy hoare says

    My partner whisked me away to a luxury hotel for private dining on the verandah, spa treatments and a parachute jump the next day. Unforgettable!

  43. sharon says

    I love mushrooms and my husband took me to a lovely restaurant where the chef made me a huge mushroom dish that was off the menu, courtesy of my husband.

  44. Kerry Kilmister says

    A slightly early present but my daughter arrived 3 days before my birthday – the best "early" present ever. You can't put a price tag on taht.

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