Playing outside with children


Comfortable footwear is a no-brainer when out and about with kids. Actually functionality always needs to be taken into consideration, as catching up with even one child can be a challenge at times. Thankfully, there are always shoes to cater, with quality and styled footwear on the market that tick the boxes of affordability, functionality and aesthetics. In saying that, there are some features to be aware of when considering new footwear.

What to bear in mind when spending your earnings on new shoes

  • A good shoe for walking around a lot should consist of soft and resilient leather. An alternative could be a mixture of high quality vinyl and mesh. When it comes to running shoes, it is important to see that the sole is cushioned in the heel.

  • Apart from knowing by the feeling, you can see at first sight if a shoe will have long-term comfort, when it is round at the toes and not pointed so that the toes crimp together.

  • It’s self-explanatory, but some women still do it anyway: wearing high heels is a big ‘NO’ on a trip to the playground with children. Comfort beats style in this case and there is nothing worse than helping the children in the playground with your heels digging in the sand. Comfortable clothing in general should be a priority. To compromise, Boots with a little bit of heel or Oxford shoes are a smart (and stylish) alternative.

  • A sole made of flexible rubber is also a good choice. It should be at least 1cm thick for comfortable walking without putting strain on the pressure points of your feet.

  • Parents usually take this factor into consideration when buying shoes for their children:  Being both waterproof and breathable is so important for outdoor activities with the kids. For active parents who like to take their kids on an outdoor adventure, resistant material is the be all and end all!


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