Recycle your old mobile phone and earn cash

I love keeping up with technology, so whenever there is a new mobile phone on the market that promises new and exciting features, I just have to have it. At times, I even had a number of contracts running at the same time to ensure that I can keep up with my love for shiny new phones and the latest trends.

My addiction for mobile phones started when I was about 12 years old, but let’s not calculate how many years ago that was. I started out with a Siemens phone that had the size of a brick and I still remember how proud I was to have my very first mobile phone. God knows what I was thinking! The phone was a hand me down from my dad and I can still remember begging for it as if my life depended on it. Since then I have worked my way through numerous manufacturers and models always seeking for the perfect mobile phone.

During the first two or three weeks of owning a new phone, I am always really thrilled about my purchase. I am discovering new features every day and love playing around with all the new apps and functions they come with. Well, now I do, because let’s face it: Up until a couple of years ago, mobile phones were terribly boring. They all had a text and a call function and that was about it. The only exciting features were more levels of Snake or additional games.

These days developments on the mobile phone market have become much more fast-paced and with phones including cameras or e-readers trends can change within weeks and what was hip and the best phone on the market can quickly become so dated that there’s no other place for it than the back of your drawers.

If you don’t want your old phones to gather dust, why not recycle them to make earn some cash for a new model or a little treat for yourself. Top Dollar Mobile allows you to recycle your old mobile phone quickly and uncomplicated.

All you have to do is fill in a form giving your mobile information, type in your details and within a couple of days you’ll receive a info pack with a freepost envelope. You simply put your phone in the envelope, send it back and ka-ching, see the pounds coming in.

I have checked out what my old phones are worth and I see a nice little shopping trip coming up!

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