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Admit it, on New Year’s Eve you sat down and had a good think about all the things you want to achieve in 2013. I did too and I bet just like 90% of the British population, you decided that it was a good idea to live a healthier life, to exercise more or to generally lose some weight. Once again, I did the same. And this time, I am actually determined to stick to my plan. I don’t call it a resolution for a reason, because let’s be honest, we all know that 88% of them don’t materialise.

To make sure that I don’t fall of the wagon this, I have come up with some simple rules for me:

1) Always have a full bowl with a good selection of fruit in the house to stop myself from pointless snacking

2) Keep a food diary to have a constant overview of what I eat and drink

3) Allow myself treats from time to time so I don’t crave them all at once like a mad pregnant woman

4) Find a sport that I enjoy – quite likely to be swimming

5) Drink water, water and more water to stop the hunger feeling

Watch this video to see how Patsy, Gregg and Penny made Weight Watchers work for them:

What are your weightloss tips? What works for you and what doesn’t and how do you make sure that you don’t give up after a week or two? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. says

    This one works for me at the moment as my OH is travelling most weekdays; I eat with the children (so, around 6 – 6.30pm) and crucially, we have the same portion size. I scratch-cook for them as we live in Russia and there aren't that many healthy alternatives. Unsurprisingly I am more inspired to cook them healthy food than I am for myself if I eat alone, later. As for the portion size, they are 9 & 7 so it's not a complete hardship… 😉 Then I try to get to bed on time (around 10.30pm/11.00pm as it's that time the munchies kick in if I'm still up). And at the weekends, when OH is around, we either eat as a family – so, still earlyish – or if he and I do eat later, the week's 'being controlled' counteracts any unscheduled pizza moments that might occur.

  2. Abby says

    losing weight is really one of the hardest things to do. gaining weight is the easiest, but I think, if we do have self-discipline then we can do anything we want

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