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body shapes apple shape pear shape hourglass or inverted triangle shape rectangle shape

If you want to look great in everything you wear, you need to know what cuts, colours, styles and outfits best flatter your body shape. Knowing how to dress your body shape will help to choose and put together pieces which show off your best bits and conceal everything else.

First of all, you need to find out your body shape. You need to be honest with yourself to do this, remembering that there is no such thing as a wrong or bad body shape. Everyone is different, but you can make the most of your figure by identifying at its strengths and weaknesses and knowing what to show off and what to play down.

Pear shape

If you have a larger bottom half compared to your top, you are considered to have a pear shape. This very feminine shape can be enhanced and flattered by:

  • Balancing your bust with your bottom half by choosing a push-up bra (a far less drastic solution than having a breast enlargement  procedure), a top with detail around the chest or an outfit which emphasises your shoulders
  • Wearing bright colours and eye-catching accessories on top to draw more attention to this area
  • Accentuating your waist with a belt
  • Wearing heels to make your bottom half look leaner and longer
  • Wearing boot cut rather than skinny jeans
  • Avoiding overly clingy fabrics on the bottom half, as these can make your hips appear larger than they are

Inverted triangle shape

An inverted triangle is a body shape characterised by a wide back and shoulders and slim hips. You may also have a large bust, either naturally or as a result of breast augmentation. This shape is best dressed by:

  • Wearing V-neck tops and shirts, to draw the eye towards the chest and away from the shoulders
  • Choosing wrap dresses made of soft fabrics for a feminine look
  • Wearing brighter colours or flared skirts on your bottom half to balance out your upper body
  • Avoiding pieces with a boxy shoulder line
  • Avoiding heavy fabrics and styles on top, as these can add bulk to your top half

Rectangular shape

Often called athletic or boyish, you have a rectangular body shape if you have a very straight figure and are roughly the same size all over. You can best flatter a rectangular body shape by:

  • Showing off your lean legs in shorts, skinny jeans and short skirts
  • Defining your waist with belts and waist-cinching belts
  • Creating a curvier figure up-top with a push-up bra
  • Avoiding shapeless, baggy clothing

Rounded shape

If you have a large bust, shapely legs and a generally rounded figure, you are considered to have a rounded or ‘apple’ shape. Dress this shape best by:

  • Choosing clothes which nip you in at the waist
  • Choosing thicker, waist-cinching belts over thin belts which can draw too much attention to your mid-section
  • Creating an hourglass shape with wrap dresses and tops
  • Choosing A-line skirts and Empire waist tops to flatter your shape.



  1. Shelley Jessup says

    I'm never 100% sure on my figure but reading here what suits each figure I think I'm hourglass as the clothes described are the sort of designs that suit me best.

  2. anna roberts says

    I totally agree. Women often think that there are good and bad shapes, when there aren't. The concept of body shape aims only to help women know what could be more flattering to them. For years I thought I was an hourglass, though none of the recommended clothes for hourglass would flatter my shape. Then… I finally realised I'm actually a Pear.. and now that I know that, shopping became much much easier.

    However, just knowing the guidelines might not actually help unless you know what they mean. Recently I found a website (Styling Up) in which stylists select the clothes specifically for your body shape. I find it really helpful. Would love to see a review about it here.

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