Healthy lunchboxes for families on the move

healthy lunchboxes for families on the move

Eating healthily can be tough for us all, but when you’re a family who are constantly on the go, it’s even harder. Even if the kids love sugary treats and aren’t so keen on the green stuff, there are some quick, easy lunchbox foods which are sure to keep them healthy. This guide to packing the perfect healthy lunchbox comes from Isabelle at, and is designed to suit busy families who don’t necessarily have time on their side!

Sandwich fillers

Sandwiches are a lunch time staple, and if you make sure you use the right ingredients, they can be nutritional too. Try wholemeal bread, wraps or pitta and create a sandwich chart to make the most of your time in the kitchen.

Have five different sandwich options, and use them on different days each week. So, for example, if they have ham and cucumber on Monday one week, make them ham and cucumber for the Tuesday the following week. A sandwich chart will not only save you time in the kitchen and help you to make healthier options, but it will also make the supermarket shop a little easier, because you know what you’re looking for!

Fast snacks

Food doesn’t have to be fatty just because it’s fast, and there are plenty of homemade snacks which are both easy to make and healthy to eat. Here are a few ideas!

Trail mix – You don’t even have to make this yourself, but if they’re picky, putting it together yourself will avoid lunchtime tantrums. They’ll probably ask for chocolate buttons and marshmallows, but raisins, dried apricots and banana chips are all child-friendly, healthy ingredients.

Yoghurt – There’s nothing revolutionary about putting a yoghurt in a lunchbox, but make sure you choose healthy, child-friendly options like Petit Filous rather than their chocolatey favourites.

Fruit Salad – Kids are more likely to give their fruit a look in if it comes in little bites. While they might not give a whole apple or banana the time of day, packing them a little container of fruit salad might be a better option. grapes, chopped up kiwi and orange segments are all good, bite-sized fruity choices.

Rice cakes – A healthier alternative to crisps, rice cakes are low in fat and come in a variety of flavours. Snack-a-jacks, for example, even come in caramel flavour!

Mini cheeses – Going back to the idea that kids will generally eat small things, mini cheeses are also great lunchbox fillers. Babybels or laughing cow cheese make for fantastic sources of calcium and are less likely to be left in there until home time!

Don’t be afraid of leftovers!

If you’re packing the kids healthy lunchboxes, the chances are you’re trying to eat healthily at home too! Instead of throwing away the leftovers, make them into lunchbox treats. Quiche, pasta and (low fat) potato salad make for lovely lunchbox leftovers!

Friday treats

Of course, non-stop healthy eating isn’t going to be a massive hit with the kids, so pack them a little treat for Friday lunches. This could be their favorite chocolate bar, sweets or biscuits. Anything you’d feel guilty about eating yourself, basically!

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