How to make perfect pancakes plus Win a Pancake Day Hamper from Morrisons

how to make perfect pancakes pancake day

The clever people at Morrisons have come up with the perfect infograpic for pancake fans. It contains a quick and easy pancake recipe, tips and tricks for the perfect flip as well as lots of ideas for tasty pancake toppings and interesting facts surrounding pancakes. But that’s not all! To celebrate Pancake Day, Morrisons and I have teamed up to offer you the chance of winning a yummy Pancake Hamper with all the goodies you’ll need to make the perfect pancakes. Sounds good?

All you have to do to enter is fill in the Rafflecopter below and make sure to follow all the steps correctly. Faulty and fake entries will be removed and won’t be entered into the draw. Good luck!

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  1. Hazel Rea says

    I would go for a tropical theme – chopped mango and papaya topped with whipped cream with a little mixed spice added.

  2. says

    For the sweet version I love an apple and berry compote with the ice cream. For the savory, a mix of cottage cheese, garlic and herbs (roll the pancake in an envelope)

  3. ashleigh says

    Chocolate, Strawberries, Raspberries and Puff Candy bits!

    (i put my twitter name incorrect in your rafflecopter (it should be @ashlallan) sorry x

  4. sophie09x says

    I cant eat my pancakes with anything other than sugar and lemon, so probably not me who could make an award winning topping!

  5. Sally Carter says

    Gingernut bisciuts, dipped in sherry, with a large blob of whipped cream; rolled up and served with an extra dollop of whipped cream.

  6. Solange says

    This is good on either pancakes or waffles. Put a little butter on them, then a thin layer of creamy peanut butter and then top it off with maple syrup. It may sound kind of gross and I thought it was until I tried it. It is really good,

  7. Emma O says

    The Golden Oscars Finish – in keeping with the golden award figures I'd mix some golden syrup with edible glitter for a simple but sparkly topping

  8. gareth stevens says

    Marsh mallow, chocolate chips ( dark )….. half a cup of cream heat it over the stove till everything melts then whip one tub of whhipped cream till peaking, then infuse with the marshmallow mix…then leave for 5 mins to turn into lovely mousse :-)

  9. Vanessa Booles says

    Ham grated cheese and onion….LOVE savoury pancakes

    Having that on tuesday followed by pankcakes for desert with sugar and lemon

  10. says

    Oh, I would have to have fresh blueberries, drizzled with my local honey and sprinkled (very lightly) with caster sugar; however fresh blueberries are out of season on Pancake Day.

  11. Sarah Morris says

    I am so boring, my fave topping (hardly award winning) would be Strawberrys and squirty cream.. slobbers slightly!!

  12. Danielle Woodman says

    You can't go wrong with the classic sugar and lemon combination but I would take it to the next level by making a homemade sweet lemon curd, a squirting of whipped cream and a grating of dark chocolate mmmm

  13. lynn savage says

    A great topping would be to make savoury pancakes into pizza – topped with a little passata, pepperoni, onions, peppers and lots of cheese

  14. Mor Ton says

    A large dollop of mayonnaise grouped with a half-spoon of sugar, a squirt of golden syrup, a healthy dose of chocolate sauce and a twist of lemon. Sounds revolting but tastes a-mayo-zing!

  15. Linda Bird says

    Nutty Choccyrocky Road: Chopped up marshmallows (or mini ones), dark chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and golden syrup. A squirt of aerosol cream to compliment it.

  16. rachael jones mann says

    Banana Toffee fudge !!! …..thinly sliced banana layered across the pancake , warm toffee sauce drizzle across and tiny fudge peices sprinkled on top ! mmmmmmm

  17. Kayse says

    If you had to come up with an award winning pancake topping, what would it be?

    Cinder toffee cream, warm butterscotch sauce and banana

  18. Leslie Evans says

    Lagovalin Whisky, Have enough and you will pancake if you go flying anywhere. But you would of done it with style.


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