Sponsored Video – Monkey Thieves

When you think of monkeys, it’s quite likely that you picture them climbing up palm trees or stealing food in a safari park. What you probably won’t imagine is a hoard of monkeys planning to raid your fridge. If you are the proud owner of Samsung’s newest refrigerator however, you might want to monkey-proof your house. Samsung’s zoologists (this might be my invention) have recently discovered a rare species of monkeys which is not only super cute, but also super cheeky: The hairy little burglars are breaking into houses to raid people’s fridges. Not any fridges though. This species is exceptionally picky: They only steal from Samsung fridges AND they are rather clever about it.

With their big boss on the watch, the monkeys quickly gather whenever he spots a Samsung fridge and after a short analysis of the situation, there’s no stopping them. I guess it’s the “Easy In – Easy Out” design that appeals to them as it makes finding their favourite food super easy. Shelves slide out by magic hand and compartments are so easily accessible that the monkey crew manages to raid the fridge so quickly and quietly that its proud owner doesn’t even notice about her uninvited visitors until it’s too late and the entire contents of her fridge are gone. Fruit, veg and even a sheep skin made their way through the window. I guess having a top-notch fridge-freezer comes at a price, but I still wouldn’t mind having one. I’d let Amy fight the monkeys!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Samsung.


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