#TeamHonk is doing #GoodWork in Ghana for Comic Relief 2013

#goodwork #teamhonk comic relief 2013 ghana

If you are a blogger, it’s quite likely that you know the three awesome ladies that form #TeamHonk. If not, it’s time that you get to know them, because tomorrow morning they’ll make their way to Accra in Ghana¬†to see for themselves the difference Red Nose Day money has been making. Annie, Penny and Tanya will be tweeting and blogging live during their two day visit so people like you and me can follow their progress and see the #GoodWork Comic Relief has been doing for the last 25 years.

How you can help them in return? Make as much noise about #TeamHonk as possible. Follow Annie, Penny and Tanya on Twitter, if you aren’t already, RT their messages, read their blogs and share with all your friends, followers and family. These ladies need us, so let’s make them proud! They’ll even send you a digital postcard from Ghana in return. Simply email¬†hello@teamhonk.org and let them know that you are supporting them.

And now let’s rock the internet together for #TeamHonk and Comic Relief!

Honk Honk!



    • Carolin says

      They are truly inspirational! If you are on Twitter make sure to RT their updates. It\’s so important to spread the word about the #goodwork that they are doing with Comic Relief x

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