Win a Mother’s Day gift set from La Jewellery and M&J London

mother's day competition with M&J London and La Jewellery candle and necklace

Mother’s Day is getting close and to celebrate the extra special lady in our life, Mummy Alarm has teamed up with La Jewellery and luxury candle brand M & J London to offer you the chance to win a beautiful gift set worth £49. The special Mother’s Day gift set has been specifically created with mums in mind and includes a 100% recycled silver disc pendant on an 18inch silver chain as well a luxury hand-poured candle.

Inspired by the myths and magic surrounding the Welsh countryside, La Jewellery’s unique and lovingly created pieces feature accentuating  fresh-water pearls, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and fair-trade gold while M & J London‘s ethical scented candles are inspired their makers’ travels from all around the world, as well as their lives in cosmopolitan London.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, fill in the Rafflecopter below. Remember, faulty or untrue entries will be deleted and not considered for the draw. 

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PS: If you would like to win a second prize from La Jewellery, pop over to their Facebook page where you can “Like and Share” their latest competition post to qualify for the prize draw. 


  1. Rufaida says

    my fave is this bracelet, – Love Me Do Bracelet (new style)- i really dont know about prices though! because i havent bought jewelry for a while so cant think what the normal price would be?

    the candles i think el capitan would be nice, but all look good!

    anna m

  2. Helen Moulden says

    Love the BR221 Lillie Bracelet 9 small lillies. I think the price is spot on, I'd pay £110 for it!

    My favourite scent is Elderflower, Lemongrass, Gooseberry & Juniper!

  3. Rebecca P says

    I love the Love Petit necklace and I'd pay about £45 for it.

    I'd also love the Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne candle scent.

  4. sharon griffin says

    the jigsaw necklace is lovely and would pay £40 for it.
    My favourite candle would be the English Summer Scent

  5. Agnes Coaker says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the grant me serenity ring, defiantly worth £13 and easilly with in my price range, in face I'd probably pay more.
    My favorite candle scent is sweet beginnings because I'm a massive chocoholic!

  6. Debbie says

    The Grace Tag necklace, although I would love a personalised necklace with my childrens' names.
    The Orange Blossom and Jasmine candle sounds perfect for summer coming!

  7. Saska Brenard says

    Silver and pearl ring
    I could only afford to pay a tenner for it but it's worth the asking price
    I'd also like the matching bracelet

  8. sian says

    The Give me some Honey Necklace is my favourite and I think £40 – £50 is a reasonable price to pay.

    favourite candle is the Orange Blossom & Jasmine (love the scent)

  9. Charley Foulds says

    love the wave necklace! so beautiful! and sweet beginnings as a scent sounds different to any other scented candles I have!

  10. moonlite2012 says

    wishing on a star neckless to be honest i can not realisticly afford anything but if i could afford it around £25
    Champagne candle scent.

  11. isis1981uk says

    I like the Love Petite necklace & would probably pay £17-£20 for it. I also like the Orange Blossom & Jasmine scented candle.

  12. Tracy Hanson says

    My favourite is Petite Cupid. Before I looked at the price, I thought £40 so £43 seems about right to me.

    I would love to try the English Summer candle.

  13. Isabel O'Brien says

    My favourite piece of jewellery is the Love Me Do ring and realistically I would like to pay £30 for it.
    My favourite candle scent is Lavender, Manuka Honey & Cocoa.


  14. Janine C says

    I would choose the Love Petit necklace as I love its simplicity and the Andalusian Romance candle because orange blossom and jasmine are my 2 favourite scents

  15. Bee says

    The Honey to the Bee ring is just lovely. I would pay £50 for this.
    My favourite candle would be Lavender, Manuka Honey and Cocoa.

  16. Elizabeth Smith says

    The site is full of gorgeous jewels but my favourite is N142 Heart Flake Necklace

    I'm feeling a little fruity so the Orange Blossom & Jasmine is most attractive

  17. Emma Ellison says

    I like Brass Back to Black Necklace at £22 its a bit more than I can afford to spend, I'd ideally pay around £12? For the candle scent they all sound lovely but think I would pick Samadhi x

  18. esther james says

    I love this necklace Petite Sophie with 16/18 inch chain. I would have liked to pay £20 for it.

    left bank martini sounds lovely

  19. maria molly taylor says

    Songs From The Wood Bangle – wish I could afford this – its lovely

    Orange Blossom and Jasmine sounds lovely

  20. Emma Gallagher says

    I really Love the BR221 Lillie Bracelet 9 small lillies. I think £80-£100 would be acceptable.

    My favourite candle is the Sweet Beginnings candle

  21. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    The Love Petit Necklace is absolutely perfect, I love anything to do with hearts, my hubby always gets me something heat-shaped as he knows I collect them :-) I think the price is fair but money being tight with four children if I could choose I would pay more like £22, but sure it is worth every penny. Loos delicate and feminine! :-)

    As for the scents I would have to go with the Orange blossom and jasmine, orange is such a heady sensual scent, and jasmine is pretty and delicate and I would bet they will complement each other beautifully!

  22. Laura F says

    I like the La amour 'La' necklace as it also my initials and its £37 which seems about right. The scent that appeals to most is Left Bank Martini.

  23. Julie Edwards says

    E15 Dusk Earrings- they are gorgeous earrings.
    I love the soun of the Orange Blossom and Jasmine candle.

  24. tom Baines says

    Silver gypsy F**k it Bracelet, just fab and in fairness the price tag of £65 is reasonable, as for the candles just love SWEET BEGININGS

  25. says

    LOVE THE Silver Izzi Charm Bracelet, don't think i would pay more than £100 though. love the sound of Elderflower, Lemongrass, Gooseberry & Juniper

  26. Caroline Scott says

    I love the "As They Fall" neck art necklace. I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't have paid full rpice for it but luckily for me, it's in the sale now at £48 which seems perfectly affordable.
    My favourite fragrance would be the samadhi range because it is relaxing and yet a little exotic at the same time

  27. clair says

    jigsaw neclace is super probably pay £35.00 to £45.00 for it and i love the sound of orange blossom and jasmine

  28. Ali Roberts says

    I love the brass Kiss me Kate necklace, and I think it's a steal at £14. Would definitely pay that.

    My favourite candle scent is Sweet Beginnings. Divine!

  29. Lesley Bain says

    I love the bracelet Honey to the Bee – with fossil stone. Sadly it is outwith my price range for something I would pay for myself, I'd probably not go over £50 for myself, so would need to drop big hints for someone else to buy it for me :)
    The Orange Blossom & Jasmine fragrance would be my favourite, I do love fresh citrus scents and would love this filling my home with its gorgeous aroma :)

  30. Deborah Bird says

    The Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne scent sounds lovely, its hard to choose as they are all so different!

  31. ClairejB says

    I like the 'Wishing On A Star' small earrings & think the price of £22 is reasonable but I am on a budget so I usually don't spend more than a fiver on earrings (obviously my earring aren't made of silver though!…). These would be lovely for a present.

    The description of the candle scents sound amazing! I'm drawn to the Lavender, Manuka honey & Cocoa

  32. Sharon says

    I love the best of British bangle ..i'd pay around £75 for it ……and i love the sound of Orange Blossom & Jasmine candle

  33. Nataliejane says

    I love "This Winters Love Bracelet" and would pay up to £35 for it.

    My favourite scent is Orange Blossom and Jasmine.

  34. SUSAN L HALL says

    I love minimal pieces so love the style of The Party necklace

    I love Orange blossem so it has to be – Andalusian Romance

  35. Hannah Whitling says

    I really like: BR221 Lillie Bracelet 9 small lillies but I don't think I would pay that much for it, though how much extactly I dont know, would depend on financial circunstances, what it was for and who for too.

    I like the sounds of the 'Sweet Beginnings' candle too.

  36. Angela Wilcox says

    I love the siilver Grant Me the Serenity ring. I couldn't afford to pay more than £20 – £30 for it though

    Candle – El Capitan

  37. Ian Yates says

    The Love Petit necklace would look perfect around a certain someone's throat and I think it would be well worth £50.00.

    Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne

  38. Brenda Wilkes says

    Love the Petit Lillie necklace and think it is well worth the £42 price tag.
    The Orange blossom & Jasmine candle sounds divine

  39. siobhan coyne says

    i love the jigsaw braclet and at £10 i would deff pay for it xx my fav candle is Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne(english summer ) xx

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