10 things I took away from Bristol Blog Summit 2013

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Yesterday, I spent the day with around 60 inspirational ladies who I have at least one thing in common with: blogging! The UK’s biggest parent blogging network, the Tots100, had invited bloggers to join them for their Blog Summit and of course, I simply had to make my way down to the M-Shed, where the event took place. 1) There’s never anything blogging-related going on in Bristol and 2) there were some epic bloggers on the guest list and I couldn’t wait to finally meet them after months and years of reading their blogs and chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

I could now do a massive write-up of every single session of the day, but you will be able to catch up with everything on the Tots100 website. All speakers will upload their presentations and it’s just easier to have all resources in one place. What I would like to do, is sum the day up by listing the 10 things I took away from Blog Summit Bristol. Here we go:

1) Telling Sally how young she looks, will boost your Tots rank! (I’m currently scheduling daily tweets!)
2) When charities want you to campaign with them, ask them what you could achieve that other bloggers couldn’t!
3) With every follow link you’re giving a little of your PageRank away!
4) Google isn’t the law, but it’s illegal not to disclose paid for content!
5) Schedule your sponsored posts and work with a calendar, so they don’t take the fun out of blogging
6) If you want to attract American readers, pin, tweet and share on Facebook at noon and between 2-5am!
7) Ask a daily question on your Facebook page to create a community feel!
8) When taking photos of your children, move around, get on their level and use space to tell a story!
9) Get yourself a £12 LED lamp from B&Q and bounce the light off the wall, when you take foodie photos at night!
10) Chris Mosler gives the best hugs in blogland and Annie Spratt is a rather convincing cookie. Look what she got me to do!

BlogSummit Photo Booth

Copyright:Tom Arber Photography

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If you went to Blog Summit in Bristol, which is the one thing that you took away for you and your blog? Did you enjoy yourself and will you be back? Has Blog Summit Bristol inspired you to make changed to your blog or the way you promote your blog? 


  1. Leoarna says

    There was cake Pippad, and a nice spot of lunch too. I've also blogged about yesterday, but to nail it down to one thing? Hmmmm. That is hard, but, maybe something like, I feel like I fit in with the blogging community, and am inspired by its community feel and generosity of spirit. The willingness of bloggers to share their ideas is in sharp contrast to many other spheres. And yes, Cathy inspried me to do more with my blog's facebook page!

    • Carolin says

      Cathy's session was brilliant, wasn't it? Lots of practical advice. I will definitely try and follow some/most of it. x

  2. Mammasaurus says

    Woo Hoo in the words of Arnie -I'll be back!

    I got a lot from every session -especially the photography one… See you in B&Q ey?

    Lovely to see you you epic bugger!

    • Carolin says

      It was great to see you too. I loved the day. So many inspirational people and really interesting sessions. I already checked B&Q online and found a portable LED lamp for £9.95 – bargain!

  3. says

    Who's that guy in the picture. He looks a lot like Beppe from Eastenders!

    Glad you enjoyed the blog summit, any questions regarding SEO do let me know – ping me a message on twitter @tomjamesbrennan.

    All the best.

    • Carolin says

      He does, doesn't he? 😉 Thanks for popping by and commenting. I really enjoyed your session and felt that I learned a lot.


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