Being a beautiful mum

Dressing table beautiful mummy

There is the general belief that women have a certain ‘glow’ about them during their pregnancies. Hormones and the happiness really show mentally and physically. A change in attitude as well as a development in the hair, nails and skin tone. When the baby arrives, the happiness becomes even greater but the family’s everyday life also alters completely making parents prone to looking more tired as sleeping patterns change. In order not to lose that natural beauty as a mum, it is good to take some time out for yourself. Most of the time this is easier said than done, as the only time this usually happens to be is when infants are resting.

Underlining one’s natural beauty

Nature is the most beautiful thing for a mother. It should therefore be the aim of a mum’s beauty regime. Minimalising make-up to subtly highlight stronger features and increasing your skincare awareness will help achieve this natural look. Thanks to the top range of bb creams available, every mum is able to find lighter base foundations that can accurately match individual skin types. Blemish balms for example cover up only as much as necessary but still manage to allow individual natural beauty shine through.

Allowing time for yourself

Of course, every parent would like to spend as much time together with their child especially during the first years. But like anyone, there are occasions where you just need the time unwind and have some time for yourself. If you were lucky enough to pick up a voucher for a massage at a spa retreat for the afternoon, then that can be a good example. Or even simple activities like walking around a local park or reading a book with a cup of tea in peace can do the trick. Without sounding too cheesy, anything that can relax the body and mind completely for a bit is all you really need to feel beautiful again.

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  1. Judith Luscombe says

    Its true women do glow in pregnancy and its a wonderful time, although its a shame you do not think so at the time. I wish now when I look back that I appreciated it more.

  2. says

    Thanks for this! I loved being pregnant – wearing comfy clothes and I adored my growing bump! When I because a mum I actually felt more confident in myself because I felt able to go out (yes go out) with no make up on – just moisturiser!

    Prior to becoming a mum, I would never have left the house without my make up on, I would wear heels all the time and I would buy clothes, handbags andshoes. Once I because a mum, my priorities changed so money went on the baby/kids stuff, family days out etc – and I prefer it that way now, as I know I don't need them and I get more enjoyment out of splashing out on my ids and being myself!

    • Carolin says

      I'm with you. I love spending my money on lovely experiences for us as a family or little treats for Amy. It's just so much nicer to have a lovely memory than another pair of shoes that I won't wear x

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