When your oven doesn’t want to make you a roast dinner anymore

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There are things in life that you don’t value enough until they are gone. My cooker was one of these things, but believe me after weeks and weeks of not being able to use the oven part of it, it is now my very best friend and I have promised myself that I won’t ever think about him (yes, he’s male) as just “another” kitchen appliance.

Our oven had always been a loyal companion to us. Ben is an avid hobby-chef and I do enjoy eating his home cooked meals. We use our oven a lot, preparing everything from cupcakes, pasta dishes, roast dinners or delicious desserts and cakes in it. Ben also cooks the most amazing tagines and curries in the big silver monster, so when one Sunday afternoon we pottered around in the kitchen after preparing a roast dinner and a big bang came from where the before mentioned was cooking, we all fell into a state of shock.

What was that?

Oh look, there’s smoke coming from the oven.

Damn, what about our roast dinner?

What about the roast dinner? What, if the oven is gone and we need to buy a new one?

Well, we can’t. We haven’t put any money aside for it.

Yes, that’s how our conversation went. Add panicky eyes, heads buried in our palms and grumbling bellies. I couldn’t believe it. Our oven had just died, our roast chicken was ruined and when Ben said our landlady would have to replace it, I remembered a clause in our tenancy agreement that clearly stated that we are responsible for the replacement of any appliances damaged or broken during our tenancy. The weekend couldn’t have ended any worse.

We discussed long and hard about what to do and in the end there were only three options. We could either get someone to come in and repair the oven, which would have probably cost a fortune and might not even have resulted in a working oven. We could go out and buy a new oven, which would have cost even more money or we could sit and wait and put some money aside each week until we had the money to get a replacement.  Option 1 and 2 would have meant, we’d potentially have an oven, but no money for tasty food to go in it (okay, that might be exaggerated, but it would have messed up our monthly budget) and option 3 would have meant that we wouldn’t break the bank, but would have to make do without and oven for quite a while. There was no chance in the world, that I’d have allowed Ben to have a look at it. I’m fine to let him do the decorating, but playing around with electric equipment when you aren’t an electrician is just silly and something I would not allow under any circumstances.

In the end, we decided to go with option 3. We saved up small chunks of money until we had enough for a new oven and then our landlady agreed to pay half of it. Kind of win-win. The best option would have been to go with a service like Repair and Protect, but unfortunately I hadn’t heard anything about it back then. Repair and Protect allows you to get a quote for an electrician, book an appointment for them to come out and pick a payment-scheme that allows you to pay in instalments that won’t hurt your bank account – all online and with the guarantee that you won’t have to pay a pence, if your appliance doesn’t work. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Repair and Protect, but believe me this post couldn’t be more true to my feelings. I really missed my roast dinners.


  1. Tracy Nixon says

    Glad you had some luck in the end and your landlady offered to pay half. 5 Christmas’s ago our oven failed (of all the days in the year too!) Luckily we were able to transport the food over to my mum’s to cook it there – so dinner was late but we all enjoyed it and ended up spending our Christmas cash on a new oven in the sales!

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