Cute Party Bag Ideas for Little Girls and Little Boys

Cute Party Bag Ideas for little girls

1. Heart Shaped Reinvented Crayola Crayons from – £4.09 for 5
2. My Little Pony Stickers from Party Pieces – £1.49 for 8 sheets
3. Ice Cream Scented Party Bubbles from Party Parade – £1.49 each
4. Red Polka Dot Colouring Pencils from Party Parade – £1.99 each
5. Owl compact mirror from – £20 for 10
6. Cupcake Bath Fizzers from Party Parade – £3.99 for 3
7. Fabric Gift Bag from Party Pieces – £1.99 each

Fun Party Bag Ideas for little boys

1. Football Design Bouncy Ball from Marks & Spencer – £1 each
2. Animal Masks from The Animal Mask Party Store – £3.90 for 6
3. Seed Sticks for flowers, herbs and vegetables from Party Parade – £1.29 each
4. Lego Inspired Crayons from Etsy – £2.70 for 4
5. Jungle Bubbles from Party Parade – £1.49 each
6. Dinosaur Fabric Party Bags from Party Parade – £0.99 each

It’s Amy’s birthday in 2 weeks, so my friends and I got talking about parties and party bags today. These are my ideas for cute and fun party bags for boys and girls. What do you think? What do  you like seeing in party bags and what could you really do without?


  1. says

    Just thought I'd say that both my little boy and girl would be thrilled with either of these bags or a mixture of the two. Surely having two separate bags is encouraging gender stereotypes? My son would much rather have a pink tiara and wand than a football!

    • says

      That's fabulous, my little girl would also happily play with a football. There's no chance a tiara would stay on her head when she's running around, but she also loves girly things such as bath bombs simply because they make baths more fun and not because they are "girly", if you know what I mean. I also wouldn't hand out separate bags. These were ideas of things that girls or boys could give to their guests and if recipients don't like what they have in their party bag, they can always swap and mix and match with their little friends. As for encouraging gender stereotypes, I don't think a single party bag can do that job. I think it's more a matter of how a child is brought up…

  2. Mecze Online says

    Thanks for a very interesting idea. Definitely will use one of these proposals at the next opportunity.

  3. jessiesonline says

    there are some lovely ideas here Carolin.
    However much I don't force 'boy' things onto Jack I know he & his friends would much prefer a football in their party bags to a tiara & wand, but that's just them, they love football. Like you say, I don't think one party bag will make a difference to any child, at the end of the day a party bag is just a token of appreciation for coming to the party, no need to take it too seriously….

    • says

      Thanks, Helen. That's exactly how I see party bags. They are a bit of fun and a little thank you for coming. I would never even think about someone finding them offensive.

  4. Mammasaurus says

    We had this with Scamps 5th birthday party bags – I tried to force all gender neutral stuff on her for them but she was very clear – she wanted it pink and girly!

  5. says

    Wow, the girl's bag approx £12 and the boy's bag £8. That is a lot to spend on a thank you for coming to the party, though all nice things. It can be done similar but cheaper, if you can afford it though, they're lovely. The best thing in party bags is a piece of the birthday cake, the worst is little plastic toys that don't get played with for more than 5 minutes, don't belong with anything in your house so can't be placed in an appropriate toy box and therefore end up in the re-cycling bin. Enjoy your party (you know parties for two year olds are really for the adults, right? 😉 )

    • says

      Yes, I admit these ideas can be quite pricey, if you have a lot of children to buy for, but we aren’t celebrating big style as I think Amy doesn’t appreciate a birthday party as much as she’d probably do in a couple of years.

      There are cheaper options of each idea out there, e.g. pencils or seed sticks etc. could easily be picked up in a pound shop for example, I really went for aesthetics here 😉

  6. says

    Some fun things here. I have moved away from party bags and tend to go for a small present instead. For H's birthday, I bought a selection of cheap sticker/activity books and wrapped them up with a sweet treat.


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