To tracksuit or not to tracksuit?

Vicky Pollard tracksuit, tracksuit bottom, shell suit, Kappa

Tracksuits are a little bit like marmite – you either love them, hate them or you are like me and have a love-hate relationship with them. Personally, I only ever wear them when exercising (that is never!) or when I want to get comfy at home. I would absolutely never rock velvety bottoms when I doing my weekly grocery shop, but my tracksuit bottoms are the first thing I slip into when I get home. If I go out however, I prefer to wear proper clothes, if you know what I mean – a nice pair of jeans, a flattering top and some accessories to brighten things up a bit.

Children are a little different though. They get away with outfits that would be called a fashion sin, if we wore them. They make even the most hideous pattern and colour combo look absolutely adorable and yes, they even manage to squeeze a “Oh how cute” out of me despite wearing a tracksuit.

Tracksuit doesn’t equal tracksuit though. I still remember shell suits that were at the height of fashion when I went to primary school (what were people thinking back then?) and those with leopard prints that make me shudder just thinking about them.

There are tracksuits though that are the complete opposite of what the 80s and 90s had to offer and they are the ones that I’d happily let Amy wear not only inside the house, but also outside. Just check out these designer tracksuits for girls. Aren’t they adorable. Some of them are a little too out there for me, Roberto Cavalli’s for instance, but I absolutely adore the hand drawn pink jumper from True Religion. It’s vibrant, it’s cool and it’s totally Amy’s style. Unfortunately, she’s 6 years too young for the smallest size and £150 are a little out of my budget for a hoodie – until I win the Euro millions tonight that is!

Which team are you on? Are you a tracksuit lover or a tracksuit hater?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Alex and Alexa.

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