30 ways of saving £1 or more

30 ways to save money

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We all know that and we all try to make our hard-earned cash go that little bit further. Money Supermarket are currently trying to collect 1000 money-saving tips, so I thought I’d get involved and share my 30 top tips. Please, feel free to share yours. I’d love to hear how you save your pounds and pennies!

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1. Check that you are getting the best possible gas and electricity deals
2. Tell your TV and broadband provider you’re leaving, they will knock something of your package price.
3. Always write a shopping list to stop yourself from impulse buying.
4. Don’t go food shopping with an empty stomach. You’ll buy things you really don’t need.
5. Check the internet for voucher codes giving discounts or free delivery.
6. Grow your own fruit and veg, if you can. It’s great fun for all the family.
7. Take packed lunches to work, instead of eating out every day.
8. Consider solar panels, they will pay for your electricity in the long-run.
9. If you don’t have kids in school, save money by booking off-season or term-time holidays.
10. Use car-sharing schemes for daily commutes.

11. Collect bonus points when shopping online or in store and exchange for rewards at Christmas or for birthdays.
12. Enter blog competitions. Your chances of winning are higher and you can use your wins as presents for family and friends.
13. Empty your purse every evening and save small change in a piggy bank.
14. Use your local library or swap with friends, instead of buying new books.
15. Check the reduced section in your supermarket, you will find bargains that you can freeze for later.
16. Try out supermarkets’ own brands. They’re often just as good as branded products.
17. Don’t buy new clothes for one-off occasions, swap with friends who wear the same size.
18. Check out your local charity shops for bargain gifts or lovely second-hand clothes or toys.
19. Instead of buying Christmas presents of everyone, organise a Secret Santa.
20. Buy wrapping paper and cards in the sale.
fruit and veg market

21. Use flash sale sites to get great discounts on high-end brands.
22. Buy fruit and veg from the market, if you can’t grow it yourself. You’ll be surprised hoe much you’ll save.
23. Bake your own bread. It’s tastier and cheaper!
24. Don’t bother buying cook books. There are millions of free recipes on the internet.
25. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs: They will save you a fortune, especially if you have young children.
26. Don’t buy drinks and snacks on days out: Pack a picnic and bring refillable water bottles.
27. No money for a holiday? Have you considered a house swap with someone living in your favourite country?
28. If you like crafts, baking or cooking, give homemade gifts for birthdays or Christmas.
29. Sign up for interest groups that pay you for your opinion.
30. Cancel subscriptions and read your favourite newspaper online.

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  1. Thaddeus says

    So many great ideas. I hadn’t even considered half of them, but they are so simple to do that I’ll really try to stick to some of them.

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