Our trip to Bath: Bath Guildhall Market, Abbey, Royal Victoria Park and more


My sister and her boyfriend have been back home in Germany for a week now and when they left, I thought I’d have plenty of time to write about all the fun things we did while they stayed with us, but somehow life was a little hectic and I haven’t written about a single thing. I have taken so many photos though that I really want to share some of them – especially as they remind me of the good weather we had when they were here. Somehow England always manages to show itself from its best side whenever my family come to stay. The skies are blue, the sun is shining and the heat and humidity that usually lingers around in Bristol is made bearable by a light breeze. We were lucky again this time, so we decided to drive to Bath for the afternoon. It’s only a thirty minute drive away and a beautiful place when the sun is out. We went straight into the city centre as Ben and Jakob wanted to go into the Roman Baths (my sister and I have both been on numerous occasions), but the queue was so long that they would have had to wait around 20 minutes before even getting to the ticket counter. We decided to visit the Abbey instead and have a stroll around the city centre.

bath weir

We listened to the water burbling along. We watched canoeists paddle along the river before sliding down the weir.

Owls bath market

 We saw Sass & Belle owl cushions at a little market stall and took one home with us.

bath guildhall marketvictoria park bath

 We admired the cute little craft stalls at Bath Guildhall Market before stopping for some cake and making our way to Royal Victoria Park.

royal victoria park bath pavillion

We ran along paths, played hide and seek behind the big pavilion and picked daisies before Amy had enough and wanted to play on the big playground.

blooming trees in victoria park bath

We had a wonderful day. Everything was in bloom, we all laughed a lot and when we got home, we were all so tired that we had a really early night and you all know how unlike me that is!

What’s your favourite place in Bath or the rest of the UK when the weather is nice?


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    Never been to Bath, but it is definitely on my to do list. I love both Chester and York, although have usually visited for Christmas shopping x

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    Hanging over the wall watching the weir. There used to be a Perfect Pizza just opposite, and we used to go there after the pub and eat it watching the weir. Then we'd go to the Island Club, so not all good 😉

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