How to spruce up your home for less

How to spruce up your home for less

How to spruce up your home for less

Whether you’ve recently moved in to a new home or are simply looking to reinvigorate a property you’ve been at for a while there are a number of ways to do so without breaking the bank. An effective way to keep down unexpected costs in the long-term may be to opt for boiler insurance, which could help to ensure you have more cash to splash on other things around the house. The good news is that the changes could even add value to your property, never a bad thing even if you aren’t looking to move on just yet.


A lick of fresh paint can make a big difference to the appearance of a room and needn’t prove costly. If you’re happy to stick to a simple shade throughout a number of rooms in the house then it’s possible to stretch your money further. If you do want to liven up a certain room then why not paint a single wall in a different colour to create an interesting contrast.

Keep your garden tidy

In the winter months you may not spend a great deal of time in your garden, but with the weather slowly improving now might be the ideal time to get it ready for sunnier days. So get to work on removing weeds, give the lawn a mow and perhaps consider planting some hardy shrubs that will add a splash of visual appeal throughout the year. Why not also consider picking up some cheap garden furniture? Wood staining your fence is also worthwhile as it will improve its appearance and protect it from weather damage.

Improve items instead of buying new ones

Sometimes household items can feel a little bit tired. So if your sofa has seen better days then don’t immediately look to part company with it. Re-upholstering might be a cost-effective way to give it a new lease of life, or an even more simple solution could be to invest in some throws. These could even be dyed to your desired shade. Similarly, shelving, wardrobes and cabinets looking a little worn could be sanded down and repainted to give them a unique look.

Re-organise your furniture

It can be easy to get used to something being in the same place, but from time to time it is worth weighing up whether the layout of a room is as effective as it can be. So don’t be afraid to move things around.

Shop around

It seems obvious but don’t assume the first price you are quoted for a product is the best deal. These days it is easier than ever to shop around for a good price. Better still, why not find out if someone else’s trash could be your treasure. Second hand shops can turn up some pleasant surprises and you may even know someone who is looking to get rid of something that would be ideally suited to your property. It is also worth going online. Freecycle allows you to find everything from furniture to camping equipment available in your area, with the only cost to you being collection. Gumtree could also help you to grab a bargain with a wide range of products being sold.

Have a clear out

The internet could also work to your advantage if you’re looking to rid your household of some of its clutter. Whether you’re a messy person or not, most of us have things we no longer use, so why not pass them on to someone else or if they’re unusable bin them.  The extra space might have an instant impact of making a room look better, as well as potentially adding a few pounds to your pocket for new additions.

This is a guest post provided by Dan Whiteside. Dan blogs about DIY and gardening topics at DIY Newbie, where he discusses a variety of issues including plumbing repairs and building projects.


  1. Niamh says

    These are excellent tips and decorating on a budget is pure art. I recommend rearranging the furniture every once in a while in order to reinvigorate the place and test different templates. You never know what could happen. The clear out is also very important. I prefer to keep it simple and clear on the eye, which is why I avoid having many objects in one room. However, this is only my personal taste. I also have my carpet professionally cleaned every 3 or 4 months, which has a magnificent effect for creating a nice homely environment.

  2. Marion says

    These freecycle websites are a great place to find free items, even Kirstie Allsopp, on fill your house for free on Channel 4, mentions them frequently. It is better getting use of these items than them being thrown in Landfill sites. Nobody gets known as a cheapskate either because we are all trying to save the planet 😀

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