Aga cookers are not scary – just big!

At the weekend, I went to the annual Bristol Foodies Festival and in one of their big show cooking tents, chefs showed how to cook with traditional Aga cookers. Since having seen them on property search programmes like Escape to The Country, I have fallen head over heels in love with them. Agas are what makes the perfect country kitchen to me and whenever I see one, I stand in front of it in awe and start day-dreaming of twirling around the kitchen like a domestic goddess, baking fresh bread and apple pie, but let’s admit it, they can look quite intimidating too, if you compare them to your average gas or electric cooker.

They have more stoves, more oven space and also heat the house. That means, they have to be more complicated to use, don’t you think? Well, apparently not so as chef Dick Strawbridge shows in the short video above by creating a lovely light summer lunch.


He has kind of convinced me, but let’s face it: I’m not a domestic goddess just yet (I am trying) and my kitchen is way too small, but a girl can dream and maybe one day, I’ll have the perfect country kitchen that smells of warm apple pie.

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    Ooh amazing. You can't have a proper country home without can you? I had a friend who had the BIGGEST AGA EVER – took up one entire wall in her kitchen – now that one WAS intimidating!

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    I had to cook on a wood burning stove recently on a Glamping trip. It took an age and I lost the will to live but the food was extra delicious and I suddenly understood the appeal of an aga. This has definitely piqued my interest further!

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