Don’t let humidity put a dampener on your summer!

humidity affects your healthA high humidity is uncomfortable; the air doesn’t feel fresh, you can feel sticky or clammy and many people find it harder to breathe in a really humid environment. With the warm weather we’ve been having lately, things like a high humidity just make the summer a little unpleasant. A compact dehumidifier can help to recirculate the air and lower the humidity, making summer as fun and pleasant as it should be.

High humidity can cause issues like discomfort or condensation, but it can also cause quite a few other problems. One of the main issues/problems associated with a humid environment is mould and mould spores. Mould absolutely adores a humid environment, maybe even more than I like pretty stationary! To prevent mould moving in with you, grab a cheap dehumidifier and remove all that excess moisture that it loves and thrives on.

Energy consumption is a big concern, especially with current energy tariffs and prices. Surprisingly dehumidifiers don’t actually consume that much energy. Many models offer timers and auto off functions, these help you to rest assured that your dehumidifier isn’t constantly running. The majority of dehumidifiers also turn off when the water tank is full, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Now you may know that I don’t really take issue with spiders, bugs, slugs and other creepy crawlies (snakes are what get me), but that doesn’t mean that I fancy having them making a home in my house. Slugs in your socks are never a good thing! Buying something like a family dehumidifier will help remove any damp in your home and have bugs keeping clear while they look for somewhere humid to live.

Humid and damp environments often have an unpleasant musty smell. A portable dehumidifier helps to police the air, keeping it fresh and removing those stale smells.

I’m currently really excited about decorating my bedroom and making it into my relaxation haven. Like everyone, I’m not too keen on watching paint dry though. If you have a humid house, decorating a bedroom can take forever while you wait for paint or wallpaper paste to dry. A dehumidifier keeps humidity levels down and allows paint to dry much quicker, so you can get on with putting those final touches together.

You might be a bit concerned that a dehumidifier is only really useful over summer, but think about bathtime, the shower, drying your clothes, cooking and simply boiling a kettle. Where does all the water vapour go? Apart from, sometimes, creating a lovely sheet of condensation on our windows, it will hover about in the air or find something to attack like wood or wallpaper. A 10 litre dehumidifier will easily service your whole house and keep excess moisture out of the air.

Places like Appliances Direct offer a great range of dehumidifiers to help keep your home comfortable and damp free. Make sure you look at sizes and pick the best one for your needs.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Appliances Direct.


  1. Mammasaurus says

    Humidifiers are super all year round – where we last lived we had one going all the time – I was shocked at how much moisture got collected!

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