Giveaway: Win personalised stationery from Papershaker

Papershakers personalised party invite

You all know that I’m a sucker for pretty stationery and if it’s personalised, it’s all the better. So when the lovely people from Papershaker got in touch and asked me, if I would not only like to review some of their products, but also offer you the chance to win one of two vouchers to create your own personalised stationery, I just had to agree, don’t you think?

Not matter if birth announcement, wedding invitations or thank you notes, at Papershakers you will find something suitable for every occasion. The cards range from traditional to modern and the fully adapt designs allow you to create something as unique as you are. I haven’t ordered my cards yet, but I’ve had a good play around with the software that enables to you to design cards like a professional graphic designer. You just click and drag different coloured embellishments onto your card and change the size and font of the writing as it pleases you. It really couldn’t be easier!

If you want to give it a go and win one of two vouchers for personalised stationery from Papershaker, fill in the Rafflecopter below. Please, make sure to to fill it in correctly as incompletely or false entries will be removed and not entered into the draw. Good luck! 

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  1. Christine Quinn says

    My last letter was to a 90 year old friend in the States. Would just love to win this!!! I love writing letters, much better than emails.

  2. intheplayroom says

    it's been a while – i can't remember! other than birthday cards.. would love to do more though
    anna m

  3. yolanda davis says

    my grandparents, thhey are the last generation of personal letter writers. is so hard to get nice writing paper in these days of electronic mail. even wh smiths dont sell letter writing sets now.

  4. rebecca austerberry says

    My son, I have just written his 12 th birthday card and now I feel all emotional (and old)

  5. Clare says

    My aunt who lives in Australia :) I love to send her letters with photos of the family so she feels like she is still involved in family life :)

  6. MissMelvis says

    I send handwritten letters every month to Nico, who is a memorial child on the Post Pals website. Post Pals is a charity set up to help children who suffer from terminal illness and their siblings by sending happy post x

  7. Jamie says

    If this counts the the Gadget show competition; £2 to enter by text :O 60p for a first class stamp 😉

  8. Amanda Milton says

    Last letter I wrote was to a friend last week,when I posted some birthday cards to him and popped a note in with them

  9. says

    My son… he studies in Amercia 9 months of the year, and had learnt to appreciate a handwritten letter from his mum…. much more than a phone or skype call :-)

  10. Liz ferguson says

    To my friend, Pat.
    She often sends beautiful card note-let's to me, letting me know how everything is going.
    They're lovely to receive, especially when they are in-expected.

  11. Helen Humphries says

    I used to write handwritten letters all the time but less so these days. When I sent an old friends Birthday card last month I actually surprised myself thinking I would put a few lines and ended up writing about four sheets worth!

  12. Paula Smith says

    I wrote a letter to my best friend on her wedding day, telling her how much I treasured the fun times we have had.

  13. Molly says

    My sister when she was travelling around New Zealand, we sent her a care package with a few gifts in it which I included a letter in (as postage was so expensive!)

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