Win a range cooker for perfect GBBO cakes

Great British Bake Off win a range cooker for perfect baking results

The Great British Bake Off is back on our TV screens and two of my favourite bloggers, Mummy Mishaps and The Crazy Kitchen or Jenny Berry and Helen Hollywood, are setting us a little challenge. Every week, they’ll be hosting the Great Bloggers Bake Off, inviting us to link up recipes that go along with the theme shown the evening before.

I can’t wait to get involved. I know I’m not the best baker in the world, in fact I wouldn’t even get as far as saying that I’m a baker, but I will give it a shot. As the famous Helen Hollywood says: ‘I believe that if you can follow instructions and you have the right equipment, you can bake a cake.’

There are baking tins, scales, electric whisks and hundreds of different gadget that can make the job easier, but something that is just as important as a well-greased baking tin is a good range cooker with an oven that provides an even level of temperature. If you want to get involved and need a new cooker or think that your old oven needs to be replaced, check out the fantastic selection of range cookers from Argos.

You will find something for every budget and if you would rather let fate decide, then why not enter the competition below. You can win a fabulous Flavel FSBG51K Single Gas Cooker in black – worth £309. How amazing is that?

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below, but make sure to follow the instructions correctly as faulty and and incomplete entrants won’t be counted and entered into the prize draw. Good luck!

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  1. fifi b says

    I would definitely bake cupcakes or muffins with my children – they LOVE baking! Then a Sunday Roast… mmmm…

  2. Victoria Bray says

    Has to be cauliflower cheese! My better half (26) and little boy (8 months) LOVE it! Would be our meal every day if they had their way! :) xx

  3. Angela Webster says

    I would really like to try baking the Angel Food Cake that featured in the first episode, it looked delicious.

  4. Sherry Poppy Owen says

    Cook a Sunday roast, hugeeee beef joint! Haven’t been able to have a proper roast for ages since the gas knob decided to be tempramental, you can either have the oven gas mark 9 or gas mark 1 lol x

  5. Anna says

    Probably a cake or some scones because it would be the best way of getting the feel of my new oven then I’d go to town on a roast, casseroles and maybe a crumble – dream on girl! The seal has gone on my current oven so I’ve not done oven based cookery lately.

  6. michelle evans says

    I love baking cakes and have always wanted to make a Birthday cake for one of the children. Have my daughters birthday coming up soon so would attempt one of these. Would be so much fun.

  7. Karen Barrett says

    I love making pies so I would have a batch bake for my family and my freezer, chicken and mushroom is a favourite at the moment plus I have been picking blackberies so maybe make some apple and blackberry pies as well.

  8. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I’d bake a cake to celebrate having a working oven! The temperature settings on mine are broken and it tends to burn everything so I’ve not made cakes for ages!

  9. Melanie Gardiner says

    As I’m desperately trying to seek out ways to use up the courgette glut it would be chocolate courgette muffins

  10. Debbie Godbolt says

    i would cook everything because my cooker doesnt work properly i am restricted on whai i can cook at the moment
    my dad is a huge mary berry fan so i would bake him a cake :)

  11. Tracey Belcher says

    I would bake some lovely bread rolls and put a pot of coffee on the go – Just to get the smell filling my home!

  12. Katarina Micallef says

    There is a roast shallot and steak pie with a mustard crust that I have been dying to try also I really want to make a chocolate fondant or two or three 😉

  13. Lucy Mayer says

    My son’s first birthday cake… I’m thinking some kind of triple layer chocolate effort… with some chocolate teddy bears. :)

  14. says

    We haven’t had a kitchen in almost 2 years (undergoing renovation work as we speak!) so I think I’d bake something I’ve really missed being able to make – white chocolate chip cookies.
    Not the most adventurous thing ever, but there is nothing quite like home baked cookies :) x
    KarenAnita recently posted…Clough Manor: Under ConstructionMy Profile

  15. Judith Luscombe says

    I would cook Roast Chicken, roast potatoes, swede, cabbage, carrots and all the trimmings, followed by an Apple crumble and custard, yummy x

  16. TracyJo (@tjsi1963) says

    I would make a lovely roast dinner first, haven’t had one for a while, then I would have to make some bread, something I used to do a lot of, but have an electric oven at the moment and I really dont like using it

  17. Pauline Simpson says

    I would grill some steaks as my grill has gone kaput and I cannot do so I have to use a pan ITS NOT THE SAME!!

  18. Sally Carter says

    I’d use the whole cooker by doing a full English breakfast – grilled sausages, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms (kept warm in the oven) and fried eggs. MMMmmmmmmm

  19. Sophie Hocknull says

    Cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes. In fact, anything baked. That would be a definite step up from my current oven that just seems to blow wafts of warm air at things…

  20. Jay Scales says

    My favourite triple lemon cake – perfect for summer, and cos the sponge is a basic all in one, a good way to test a new oven 😀

  21. Nickie says

    A Victoria Sponge – my oven has so many hot spots that it’s hard to make a whole cake and I normally just do cupcakes and have a couple that are overcooked!

  22. tracey bowden says

    chicken, my oven seems to hate cooking chicken at all it takes so long i have to buy whole chickens ready cooked

  23. emma mitchell says

    It has to be my mother in law banana bread not tried doing it as yet really don’t think i could make it as good this could give me the push to try

  24. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    Oh what WOULDN’T I cook!! I have been without an oven for two months lol, so I would go cooking mad, but simple things to start as I get back into the swing, so the first thing I would make would have to be a whole massive heap of coconut & jammy sponge cakes, or a Speedy Orange Zest sponge, or a Roast dinner….oh the choices! 😀

  25. Juanita Powers says

    Chocolate Brownie, I’m no good at cooking them, But I think its my old oven….well thats what i’m blaming

  26. Sarah Scott says

    My cooker never heats up to temperature properly and it takes twice as long to bake a cake as it should do. I’m sure this must have a detrimental affect on the end result!!! Mind you, the cakes still never last much longer than a day in our house!!!

  27. Kirsten Murphy says

    I would do a roast dinner first, as my present oven is playing up too much to get really nice crispy roast potatoes!

  28. Pam Lawrence says

    I would start by baking hubby’s favourite cake – lemon drizzle. Then i would pop a big coq au vin into the oven to cook slowly to perfection for when he gets in from work.

  29. Karen Painter says

    I’d bake lots of cakes for my family, coffee and walnut, lemon drizzle and some of my sons favourite Toffee and Banana Muffins

  30. Lila B Taylor says

    I’d cook a full roast dinner for my family- i have 2 large organic pork joints in the freezer waiting for a special occasion meal. A new oven would be a massive celebration!

  31. Janet Palmer says

    I would bake my very own birthday cake 😀 as I’m 31 in October an no one else in my family can bake :-/ but I don’t mind I enjoy baking although a scrummy new oven would make the job easier ;D lol

  32. Victoria Easton says

    I would love to try bread, but that may not turn out edible, so while it was baking I would do a rhubarb or gooseberry crumble!

  33. Liz ferguson says

    I don’t know if this is because the weather is turning, but I have had a hankering for a slice of rich fruit cake, mazipaned and iced. So, I think I would be putting a cake in the oven.

  34. Natalie boundy says

    Ooooh it would have to be slow roasted roast beef with yorkshires roasties and all the trimmings followed by my home made rice pudding nom nom nom

  35. linda thorn says

    Pizza as its a way of art,
    With many toppings on it,
    Many with The colours of the rainbow,
    But the best for me,
    It’s got to be,
    Pineapple with tuna on it.

  36. elaine stokes says

    i would cook a cherry cake or maybe a lemon drizzle cake………………………….. no matter what it will be CAKE

  37. Maria Reilly says

    Lots of cakes as I hold have the occasional coffee morning but my cakes aren’t what they could be! I blame my current oven, lol.

  38. Carroll Marsh says

    I Would bake Apple crumble with our 4 year old as he has just picked all the apples off the apple tree and is very excited,when I told him he could make an apple crumble with them!!

  39. Helen says

    The first thing I would cook is a sumptuous roast dinner for all my family, beef, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings; it’s my all time favourite meal

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