Share your autumn style tips and win a £50 Next voucher

celebrity stylist Mark Heyes gives advice on how to style yourself in autumnWe are a nation of shopaholics: As soon as the season changes, we are on the high street shopping ‘til we drop. We are hunting for new trends, bargains and often come home with items that we will never wear.

The new Comfort Bright’s campaign is all about getting women to think more about what they buy and to help help them spend less on clothes and think about quality rather than quantity, they have teamed up with celebrity stylist Mark Heyes, who has come up with five fabulous tips to help make your wardrobe transcend the seasons.

Mark says: ‘People should be making smarter decisions about their clothes. Our unpredictable UK weather means that seasonal fashion is becoming obsolete, so we need to be thinking more carefully about investment pieces that can see us throughout the different seasons.”

‘Between-season dressing is all about knowing what to wear and when, learning to layer and good little styling tricks. Designers are now pretty clever in the way they create trends that work across different seasons, which means you can buy something in December that you can work a look with in July.’

Comfort Brights – a fabric conditioner specifically designed to help keep your colours and whites brighter and more vibrant – is on a mission to get the nation thinking ‘trans-season’ when it comes to their fashion behaviour and here are their top 5 tips for your trans-seasonal wardrobe:

1.      Minimalist approach. Between-season dressing can be tricky; it’s hard to commit to new season trends when there’s a (small) chance of sunshine.  Take a minimalist approach by choosing light, key pieces in beautiful colours and natural fabrics. And go pared-back with styling – just perfect for layering.

2.      Breathe new life. Get creative and rework your existing clothes and accessories. Think about making a sleeveless top or cutting off those old jeans to make some cute summer shorts.

3.      Be a savvy shopper. Visualise what you already have in your wardrobe and work out what you’ll wear your clothes with and when. For example, a crisp white shirt is a brilliant staple that can be worn in a hundred different ways through summer as well as winter. We’re also very lucky this year as florals will be super fashionable throughout summer, autumn and into the winter!

4.      Care for you clothes as you would your skin or hair. Clothes are made to last, and they absolutely can through every season. But to do this they really need looking after. Give them a bit of TLC by using Comfort Brights fabric conditioner – it will help keep your bold colours bright and your whites super white; that way they’ll stay looking newer and fresher for longer.

5.      Layer up. The art of layering is easy when you know what fabrics to aim for. Lace is the real hero for in between season dressing; it can be sweet and romantic, or sexy and dramatic for a different looks for all seasons.

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  1. says

    wear a long sleeved top under t-shirts when the weather gets cooler.
    Add a pretty scarf to keep you warm and brighten up an outfit.
    invest in a jacket that can be worn with both dresses and jeans, smart and casual
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  2. Helen Porter says

    buy some thicker tights i like ones that brighten up an outfit that stand out in a crowd
    use items from your spring summer wardrobe and add a cardigan or scarf to make them fit for the weather and fashion season

  3. melanie stirling says

    Buy neutral colours that can be worn with colourful scarves,buy things that you like when you see them-don’t wait, and invest in quality.

  4. Wendy Brown says

    choose a style to flatter your curves (or lack thereof). Use patterns to hide bumps and stripes to emphasise them. Also, remember garish colours don’t distract, they repulse, no matter how ‘in vogue’ they are. Best advise of all, is be comfortable in the way you look and your confidence will make you look better!

  5. sian l says

    My tips are: 1. Layer long sleeve & short sleeved tops 2. Dress pratically but brighten up basic outfits with statement accessories 3. Stick with what suits you not faddy trends that don’t!

  6. Kim Winter says

    1.Use tights to transition some of your summer pieces through to the cooler months
    2.Alway check charity shops for good deals on otherwise expensive items e.g leather jackets
    3.Invest in a comfortable pair of boots that will last a few years.

  7. Laura Silver says

    My top tips are:

    1. Contrasting layers/long sleeves make a great look and keep you warm
    2. Avoid wearing black, it may look slimming but it will dullen your overall look
    3. Accessorise with scarves, they look fab with anything.

  8. Tracy Nixon says

    Gilets are fab for cooler days and go with almost anything! They particularly look great with jersey maxi dresses which are also great for Autumn!
    A Wrap or Pashmina shawl are also great for covering up the arms on cooler days!
    Autumnal colours such as orange, brown and grey look warm together and make you feel warm.

  9. Alison Joyce says

    1) Layering – get cardis/shirts to wear over summer tops and dress and long sleeve tops to wear underneath summer tops and stretch your summer wardrobe out a bit longer
    2) invest in some nice chunky ankle boots which will go with jeans or dresses
    3) Don’t be afraid of colour, you don’t have to wear dark colours just because the suns gone away.

  10. Tracey Belcher says

    1. Don’t rush out and buy now, just window shop and get a feel for the trend
    2. When looking at fashion remember your make-up- this may have to change too. People often forget this when they start wearing the new colour seasons in fashion and need to update their makeup bag
    3. Look around for value for money and start going through last years pieces to see if anything is still a go go or a big no no

  11. Colette says

    1. Wear your hair up & its less likely to succumb to the weather
    2. Layers – autumn can be unpredictable
    3. Scarves are your friend

  12. Kirsten Barthy says

    1) get some nice long sleeve shirts or cardigans and tights to combine with your summer wardrobe
    2) swap some pieces with friends (have a swap party) and you don’t need to buy new clothes but you have new stuff to wear
    3) luxury wool products will see you through autumn, winter and spring (and cooler summer nights)

  13. liz denial says

    Buy warm autumn colours to compliment the season & the colours of falling leaves. Buy pretty scarves to brighten up your outfits. Finish off your outfit with a lovely hat as heat escapes through your head so a hat will keep you nice & warm

  14. Ashleigh Allan says

    Buy a few key pieces, make sure you buy the correct sizes and use accessories to brighten up any outfit!

  15. Anna says

    If you could see me, you would not be asking for my autumn style tips! – I would advise don’t copy me and maybe lay off the fleece cardigans! My excuse is I walk the dog a lot so there is no point in dressing up

  16. lorna kennedy says

    wear deep colours like burgendy and deep purple, try using 2 in 1 clothes such as a coatigan if you dont like wearing to many clothes and winter clothes dont always mean you have to wear loose baggy clothes

  17. says

    I like to wear cable knit tights with denim skirts and boots/
    Layering long sleeve and short sleeve t shirts is a good summer to autumn transition
    Scarves with everything! I have some lovely big pretty scarves that bring life to life to all my outfits and feel cosy :)
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  18. Sarah says

    1) always consider your price bracket and try to stick to it when shopping.
    2) if your not sure then don’t buy your only regret it.
    3) consider what colours suit you and styles.
    4) mix new clothes with old or cheap with more expensive to combine the perfect outfits.
    5) autumn is a time for rich bold vibrant crisp colours with warmth and energy remembering that comfort is a must with any outfit.

  19. maureen findley says

    dark colours are not necessarily as flattering but using scarves and statement jewellery can draw the eye to the areas you want

  20. Shelley Hawkins says

    – use leggings as a base
    – get a good pair of boots you can walk in!
    – dress up or dress down with either 80s style baggy jumpers or sparkly dresses for the night!

  21. Stacy Lyman says

    Buy a good pair of boots that will last you through to winter! Buy early, all the best bargains sell out quickly and choose a style that suits your figure!

  22. EMMA WALTERS says

    1 quality essential that you can wear many ways, accessorise for your wholle wardrobe not one outfit & always try on before you buy!

  23. jenny morgan says

    Buy things in advance
    Dont just follow what everyone else it waering pick things to suit you
    Dont always buy cheaply

  24. Laura Harris says

    Love Mark’s advice, he talks sense! Definitely all about investing in great items for season after season!

  25. ANN ANGIES says

    Few comfortable warm items, wear colours that suits you and wear classic styles with seasonal colours accesories.

  26. priya says

    1.) Don’t be afraid to mix prints, and even consider pairing pieces that clash and contrast
    2.) Stand out with a bright bag
    3.) A classic trench is a must have.

  27. toni arnott says

    Looking snuggly, autumn leaf colours, and something baggy around the waist to fit in the bonfire food and mulled wine

  28. Erika Holt says

    1. Wear delicious warm colours that suit you
    2. Have a funky bright coloured bag that sets you apart from everyone else
    3. Embrace the autumnal season, be happy, a smile is the best accessories anyone can have!

  29. JO JONES says

    Have basics to build on. Buy what suits you, & not what is simply on trend. Utilise sales to bag a bargain but ensure it fits in with your existing wardrobe or can you organise some swishing with friends or family.

  30. Fiona K says

    Wear warm autumnal colours like crimson, browns and golds and be bold with plummy lipsticks and a bit of blusher to prevent the cold,pale look.

  31. Jodie Jaye says

    A light patterned scarf can be a great extra layer if it gets cold, but not too heavy if warm. It can also add a nice print to your outfit if you are not that confident in wearing them.

  32. Sandra Stitchell says

    I am a great believer in layering, as you can take off and put on depending on weather. It can see you through from Summer to Autumn very easily.

    Buying one statement piece and wearing with a few cheaper pieces can look great.

    A plain outfit can be dressed up with a few accessories and made to look stunning.

  33. Rae Jackson says

    1. Use autumnal colours in your make up
    2. Long wool skirts and boots
    3. ALWAYS match your scarves and gloves!

    Gorgeous site Mummy Alarm!

  34. says

    I am useless at fashion, I look at the models in the shop wearing the gorgeous trends, put them on and they either hand like sacks, or make me look like I am trying to hard to be young. So Autumn is my comfort zone! I can hide my milk bottle legs again yay!

    I go for flowing cardies, loose fitting scarves and pretty boots. It means if its a warm autumn day you can lose the cardi and scarf, and on days where its chilly you are thankful they are there.

    I also love maroons, browns and golden colours that match the leaves, so feels very seasonal.

  35. Sharon Griffin says

    The lovely autumnal hue of nature can be reflected in fashion and i love to dress in the berry, golden and deep green colours that make a nice change from the summers pastel colours x

  36. Lindy Hine says

    Choose some nice rich warm autumn colours, Layer up your look so you can add and take away items, Try to make up a capsule wardrobe of clothes so you can mix and match easily

  37. Amanda Graham says

    1. Buy basics and accessorise with scarves and jewellery
    2. Invest in chunky knit tights
    3. Buy 1 pair of boots that will go with most outfits

  38. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    Invest in a good pair of boots – they can style up any outfit. If you can’t afford new clothes – just buy scarves they also can transform a very basic outfit. Match autumnal make up shades with your clothing, nice golds and browns work wonders.

  39. Samantha Fenn says

    1. Layer up – then as the weather changes so can your look
    2. Get a jacket. Its not a good look looking like you’re freezing whilst waiting for it to be worth while buying a coat.
    3. Don’t be afraid to wear colour! Dull weather does not mean Dull You

  40. Rebecca Maddocks says

    1) invest in some good leather flat boots with a grip but don’t compromise on fashion, there are loads on the high street that look fab but practical!

    2) a decent coat that will see you through the winter, that will go with everything.

    3) dress for your shape and don’t be tempted to squeeze into a smaller size just so you can say I’m a size…, wearing the correct size actually looks more slimming IMO.

  41. Kate O'Neill says

    Pick a palette and stick to it, invest in a good quality pair of knee high boots (that you can actually walk in!) and ring the changes using scarves and jewellery.

  42. kirsty l says

    1. but t shirts and long sleeved tops in different colours and add different necklaces to change an outfit instantly
    2. buy a classic coat as they wont go out of fashion
    3. invest in good jeans for the winter and team with cute jumpers

  43. Hilda Hazel wright says

    Scarves and shawls are a great layer, around your neck to look beautiful or draped over your shoulders if you get a bit chilly.

    • Hilda Hazel wright says

      Sorry, I didn’t read it properly so I only left 1 tip! So 2 more…charity shops are great for picking up more unique items and having a bit more variety in your wardrobe if you don’t have much money AND finally if you buy things that suit you and that you really love rather than just things that are in fashion they should still be with you in years to come.

  44. Megan Adams says

    1. Neutral colours are great and slimming.
    2. Scarfs can help glam up a neutral outfit.
    3. Boots are a must :-)

  45. Debra says

    Always wear the right size, you may think you are a 14 but if you are a 16 and you wear that you will actually look thinner. As all the lumps and bulges do not show.

  46. Jo Wakefield says

    Wear colours that suit you, not just because they’re in fashion.
    Layers are perfect for the autumn as the weather is changeable.
    Try to buy a couple of outfits you can mix and match.

  47. Dawn F says

    Ok, top three for this autumn:

    1) Layer linen print scarves for warmth and to add colour
    2) Wear warm colours like berry, plum and wine
    3) Bretton tops (black and white stripe) look good with a pair of jeans

  48. Karen Barrett says

    One statement piece, I’m not a lover of following the fashion season fads on colours because most don’t suit me. I’m going to buy a long grey military style coat and team it with black biker boots and a massive black hanbag. I love bags and footwear matching, call me old fashioned! Thanks

  49. Conrad Edwards says

    Layer as the weather can change abruptly, golds and burned reds tie in with the trees, and stylish boots keep you warm as well as being trendy.

  50. Gemma Kitchener says

    1. Buy a couple of hat/scarf sets in different colours so you have ones to accessorize with different outfits.

    2. I love wearing autumn colours to fit with the season; rich reds and dark oranges. Lovely warm colours.

    3. Brighten up any autumn outfit with some lovely colourful tights. Cheers anybody up on a drizzly autumn day :)

    Thanks! x

  51. karen hill says

    i always dress warm and use browns and greens to look autumnul , also flat boots , dont want to slip on those leaves that have fallen xx thanks for the chance to win this fab prize xx

  52. Aneesah says

    Buy some pretty cardigans to kep you warm and layer up!

    Choose nice earthy colours like browns, dark greens, dark reds and purples!

    And buy nice scarves and hats and gloves to keep you warm!

    Also have some nice warm boots!

  53. Tammy Tudor says

    1. Don’t be afraid to style out your summer wardrobe with added tights and coats
    2. Embrace your figure and forget the size wear what fits (cut out the label if you really care that much) forget about it :)
    3. Animal print is always in so match animal print with simple accessories

  54. says

    1. Buy lots of opaque tights – LOADS. In lots of different colours. Wear them with dresses and boots, and that’s lots of autumn outfits sorted.

    2. Dig out your old coats and get them dry cleaned. If you choose classic coats in colours and styles that suit you, you’ll get years of wear out of them.

    3. Buy what you love early on – I don’t know why, but it feels more special to buy things you love early on in autumn rather than when you’re scrabbling about desperate for autumn and winter clothes in December.
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  55. says

    Don’t follow fashion if it doesn’t suit you, mix and match items to create a unique combination, have a swishing party with friends to find new outfits you would never normally choose

  56. Ann Robinson says

    Layer your clothing, that way you’ll be dressed appropriately what ever the weather, choose clothing to suit your body shape and highlight your good points and cover up bad ones

  57. Sophie Hocknull says

    No-one sees your labels. Stop trying to fit into a size 8 when you are really a ten. The colours that are in this season may not suit you. Accessorize!

  58. Ali Thorpe says

    Start to move your wardrobe over to earthier colours which compliment the season; look for clothes which you can wear with both summer accessories and shoes (for the warmer days) and winter ones, for when it’s cooler (I find many dresses are fab for this); and, if you use it, lay off the fake tan as the weather cools as in colder weather, it tends to look like exactly that: fake! xxx

  59. Julie E Henderson says

    dont wear pastels
    keep makeup similar tomes
    always have a stylish cardi or coat as it cooler than it looks

  60. matthew collins says

    1) don’t buy something just because it’s in fashion if it doesn’t suit you
    2) good footwear is just as important as good clothes
    3) don’t spend more than you can afford

  61. Pinkoddy says

    Get a good pair of jeans that can be worn smart with heels or casual with flats all year round.

    Get some boots perfect for the snow and cute with dresses in the spring.

    Get a good light weight coat perfect for those humid days when it is a little wet.
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  62. Susan Clayton says

    1. Invest in a good coat
    2. If you find something that fits really well, flatters, and you LOVE it, buy some more!
    3. Accessorise to change the look of outfits

  63. sian hallewell says

    Not very good with tips, but here goes-
    if money is short, concentrate on a couple of good key pieces (skirt/trousers perhaps)
    personally comfort is important, so choose things that are comfortable
    look at what you can ‘jazz’ up with cheap accessorties (scarves/jewellery)

  64. michelle lintern says

    1. neutral coloured jumper to go with everything
    2. comfy, well fitting pair of jeans/trousers
    3. warm, versatile coatt

  65. Donna@MummyCentral says

    My style tips are: 1. Invest in a colourful raincoat 2. Wear layers of clothing which can be taken off on a warmer day 3. Have a few key accessories – scarves, chunky necklaces, etc – to smarten up an outift

  66. says

    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you only have to wear dark colours, the lighter coats, and metallics are gorgeous for autumn!
    get a nice berry or dark lip colour to look fab with pale skin,
    socks socks socks!

  67. Isabel O'Brien says

    1. You can wear just a couple of knitted dresses several times a week by rotating different colours of wooly tights.
    2. A big handbag carries all your mittens, scarves, umbrellas and everything else. I always have a large leather tote in winter.
    3. Wellies can be made fashionable with welly socks.

  68. Hazel Rea says

    Style tips: (1) choose colours which flatter your colouring, (2) choose styles which flatter your shape, (3) update your current wardrobe with a few on trend accessories.

  69. says

    (1) Stand out with bold colours, creams can be offset with bold red heels.

    (2) Big is beautiful – make a statement with big hair styles.

    (3) Maximise your bottom by wearing jeans.


  70. elisa wright says

    My tips
    1) dress the size you are NOT the size you’d like to be
    2) invest in classic pieces that will last
    3.Invest in good boots & shoes, you might only wear a dress once but footwear will last a lot longer!

  71. Pauline Wilson says

    1. but a good coat that will last well.
    2. Buy a good pair of smart trousers that will pair up with lots of things.
    3. Font follow fashion advice too closely, wear what you like and have your own style!

  72. Rosalind Sargent says

    When buying a new coat buy one that is slightly to big so that you can wear a thicker jumper/cardigan underneath just incase the weather does turn colder

  73. Karen C says

    Lightweight jackets such as windcheaters are great to keep you dry and warm in bad weather .
    A couple of new clothes in the new Autumn colours can easily update your wardrobe
    Switch to darker jeans

  74. Suzanne Cooke says

    A nice pair of low heeled boots will work for lots of occasions.

    Lots of nice earthy colours.

    A light but warm coat for the cooler evenings

  75. Amanda Milton says

    1,Buy Versatile items that you can mix and match,as these will see you through several seasons
    2.Layering your clothing,keeps you warmer in the Winter,and you can also take items off if you get hot
    3.Shop around to get the best deals

  76. jude dysart says

    know what colours suit you….( we are all a season…google it.) . Jumper dresses are cosy and stylish. Spend money on shoes.

  77. Susie Wilkinson says

    A pair of good leather solid shoes/boots, a light jacket (or you won’t feel the benefit in the winter!), and a cosy hat to stop your hair blowing all over!

  78. andy harris says

    i) buy summer clothes in the sale & keep for next year
    ii) get a good outer coat
    iii) black is always timeless


    Buy a pair of boots that will last through autumn and winter. 2 Layer layer layer – looks good and you can control if you are too hot or too cold! 3. Buy a fab umberella – you will need it!

  80. Danielle Graves says

    Dress appropriately for the weather – no flip flops if it’s raining and no big coats in the blazing sun!

    Buy season staples cheap in sales and save for next year.

    be confident in what you wear

  81. Nicola Holland says

    Buy what is comfortable and suitable for the changeable British weather – get colours that complement the season

  82. Heather Shaw says

    1) When it comes to buying a winter coat buy it as soon as you see it – the best ones will sell out long before the cold weather sets in
    2) layering items can keep you warm. If you avoid using chunky clothing you will avoid looking bigger.
    3) Think about you footwear, boots are great for winter

  83. CAROL PATRICK says

    1. Invest in a good quality classic style winter coat
    2. Accessorize your LBD with a statement necklace
    3. Buy a crisp white cotton shirt, it will work for all seasons.

  84. Kim Neville says

    Nice pair of warm boots and coat that will mix and match with other clothes.
    Select clothes that will last longer than one season
    A nice bag to match

  85. Sarah Cooper says

    1. Layering clothes means that you can stay at the right body temperature but add in interesting mixes of clothing ie blending texture and colour.
    2. Update your make-up pallette – include lots of rusts and beiges.
    3. Invest in a lovely pair of boots that will take you in to winter.

  86. cheryl lovell says

    1. Wear deep purple tights to brighten up your outfit
    2. make sure the style you choose suits your body shape
    3. blazers dress up any outfit

  87. hayley pemberton says

    Buy a properly fitting neutral coloured coat. It will go with everything

    buy well fitting underwear. they are called foundation garmets for a reason.

    Layer up so can take layers off or on as required during the changing temperatures

  88. Bridget Anderson says

    Wear the right size – make sure by trying it on before you buy!
    Wear something you feel comfortable in and you’ll feel more confident.
    Get to know which colours from the current trend suit you best and stick to them.

  89. Hannah Hughes says

    1) Invest in a few pencil skirts/dresses that will not turn you into a Marilyn Munroe at every gust of wind
    2) Get a couple of nice hats (not bobble) that can be worn inside as well as out – great for covering up windswept hair, or disguising bed hair because you couldn’t be bothered to get up early enough on a dark morning to do anything with it.
    3) Thick tights. Bright colours. Great with ankle or knee high boots. Orange and Red are my favorite.

  90. michelle bennett says

    -Save money by buying neutral colours which tend to be cheaper. Jazz them up using colours that are in trend via jewellery, scarves etc.
    -Buy winter clothes during summer and summer during winter- or as close to as you can. Winter trends come out 2-3 months before winter has even started. Buying early means your not just grabbing anything of the hanger because all the nicer bits are gone and these clothes are often cheaper than buying in season.
    -Those pretty colourful clothes still look great in winter and brighten things up. Team a summery dress with thick tights and boots they look just as good as a dress with sandals. Short sleeved blouses can be teamed with a long sleeved shirt and open or closed looks fab with a pair of jeans for a rock chic/grungy type of look.

  91. san says

    1. have a few quality key pieces in plain colours
    2. Follow your body shape and age rather than the latest fashion
    3 Have a good range of bright hats and scarves

  92. says

    1. Tights under summery dresses for those inbetween summer-autumn days
    2. Tan coloured boots are warm and comfy without being too wintery
    3. A good quality coat that will see you through the winter
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  93. says

    1. Buy good quality classic pieces such as coat, jeans, lbd etc
    2. Buy accessories that are fashionable to carry the classics from season to season, year to year etc
    3. Always dress for your shape, if new fashion styles don’t suit then look for accessories, shoes etc that will give you the same look but will also flatter your shape and style

  94. Helen Moulden says

    1) Wear tights (it’s cold!)
    2) Try muted colours like forest green, and plum
    3) Invest in a good winter coat that will last you a number of seasons!

  95. Alison Wedge says

    1. Layer up with lighter layers so on those rare occassions when the sun comes out you don’t get too warm in big heavy jumpers and bulky coats!
    2. Invest in good quality boots that will last you more than a few months! Good boots are not cheap (unless they’re sale bargins) and cheap boots aren’t good!
    3. Carry on wearing those summer dresses but with a long sleeve t-shirt and a thick pair of tights. It doesn’t work with everything but it’s surprising how many things can look good all year round! :-)

  96. Hayley Wiggs says

    1) Layers – who knows what the weather is going to be like here!
    2) accessorise
    3) a few key pieces and cheaper rest of wardrobe

  97. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says

    1 – Layers -keep warm
    2 – Be bold, bright and beautiful
    3 – Be unique not a follower! Never be afraid to be different

  98. tina edwards says

    buy items that you can mix and match
    have several scarves, necklaces and accessories that will change an outfit so it can be versatile
    team summer outfits with chunky tights and boots

  99. olivia kirby says

    I try to use dresses I wore in the SUmmer as long as possible by adding nice tights or leggings
    I like a nice mac/trench coat in the Autumn
    I use a nice Autumnal colour handbag

  100. julie baxter says

    wear warm colours
    nice scarves can really make an outfit.
    always think about other items of clothing you have when buying you could make up a few outfits with some of the same items

  101. Rachel Craig says

    Be practical, prepare for the cooler weather. Whist remembering the weather can be changeable. Also likely to visit varying enviroments , which may well vary in temperature.

    For the above reasons I tend to wear layers in the autumn which I can change as /when required. A bag is useful for storage. I like to have a warm waterproof jacket which has a hood (which is comfortable and secure when put on my head. As well as safe and practical i.e. with hood up I can see clearly to cross the road safely etc). Nice comfortable, stylish boots with a good quality sole (good grip for autumn / winter weather conditions ).

  102. p millington says

    1. bear in mind that Autumn can be warm as well as cold.
    2. treggings and long tops or short dreses for inbetween days.
    3. a good raincoat that goes with your key colours.

  103. christy beckett says

    Buy a nice good quality jacket, dress it up with scarves or brooches
    Boots, anckle or mid length
    Thick socks, nothing worse than cold feet.

  104. Maria Turner says

    If you see something you like, don’t think “I’ll that later” – it WILL be gone
    Buy more classic styles in good quality so they wear well and last – accessories can be changed to update a classic style so easily
    Dress for the weather – nothing looks more silly than someone dressed like its a hit summers day when its cold, or all bundled up and Ugg boots when its hot – FACT!

  105. Caroline Scott says

    1: layering is key, make sure you have lots of easily removable layers to cope with changes in temperature
    2: quality real wool items will keep you warm without the sticky sweating you find with synthetic materials
    3: boots – a pair of knee-high leather boots works well with trousers and skirts and keeps feet dry and warm

  106. Annie Costa says

    1) Jazz up an outfit with accessories (Owls,or something…)
    2) Wear a scarf to look tres chic
    3) Sparkly shoes are lovely to add for a bit of glam to a casual look

  107. Nicola Jayne Robinson says

    1 – big accessories
    2 – Layers – great for different temperatures
    3 – Fall colours – reds, oranges and browns

  108. tracey gibbons says

    nice thick tights, dont have to be plain you can get some great patterned ones, which jazz up a plain outfit
    nice long boots are a must in the winter
    chunky cardigan is a must for nice walks

  109. shelley stevenson says

    1) First and most important tip is always wear something u feel comfortable in. No point trying to make a trend work for you if you feel awkward and uncomfortable in whatever youre wearing! .. 2)I love teaming chunky cosy jumpers with knitted tights when the colder weather comes in. Looks great and i feel good wearing it. 3) Use statement jewellery to really vamp up an outfit. Amazing how a few key pieces can really transform a rather dull outfit

  110. Emma Cella says

    skater dresses and heeled ankle booties! you can wear them throughout the year, in warm weather or cold.

  111. says

    Its worth keeping a few of your summer dresses out, you’ll be surprised how many look just as good teamed up with thick tights, a slouchy knit cardy and boots ready for the winter!
    If you find a good pair of comfy winter boots, buy 2 pairs (if money isn’t short!)
    If your outfit is depressing you due to the autumnal dull colours, brighten it up with some nail polish.. it will remind you that summer is only round the corner!
    Kate Daniel recently posted…Lifestyle – Instagram it! August Week 3My Profile

  112. W. Howard says

    1) Layer linen print scarves for warmth and to add colour
    2) Wear warm colours like berry, plum and wine
    3) De-pill and brush up your woollens

  113. Victoria Easton says

    Wear layers for cool mornings and evenings, but some can be taken off if it warms up
    Wear accessories – ie jewellery as they can change an outfit ie a dress from day to night
    Wear boots – long if it is cooler and short with leggings look good

  114. Janet T says

    Money’s short so classic shapes and styles.

    Forget fashion choose shapes that suit your shape

    Change your outfits with accessories

  115. Nikki says

    Definitely layer up…. Vest/shoestring tops under jumpers or a baggy long cardigan….

    A good pair of boots with decent heel… Suitable for wet/dry

    And a well cut pair of skinny jeans…. Can always be dressed up or down, depending on occasion!

  116. Faye Huntington says

    1) Don’t expose a load of skin when it is cleaaarly too cold to do so (!)
    2) Dark clothes are best for the season, a pop of colour is great – you don’t need to go head-to-toe colour though
    3) Experiment with your nail colours.. when your clothes are darker and the weather is darker.. it is a nice surprise to see bright nails!

    With love, Faye xx

  117. Lindsey PHILPOT says

    Get in early – the shops seasons change quicker than the actual seasons.
    Have a few GOOD cardigans that can be worn with absolutely anything.
    Invest in a decent pair of boots at the beginning of the cooler weather that will last you right through.

  118. C Parkin says

    1. Wear layers which you can take off or add to as the weather changes, a vest top over a long sleeved top, with a fine knit cardigan, for example.
    2. Wear flat shoes or pumps for comfort and style, and kicking through autumn leaves!
    3. Wear a brightly coloured scarf to add a splash of colour.

  119. Gemma Summersby says

    1) Thick wooly tights are fab for autumn
    2) Ugg Boots, or Ugg style, are fab to keep feet warm as it gets cooler and goes with most outfits
    3) Jumpers or jumper dress look fab at that time of year and are always on trend.

  120. says

    Wear lots of layers always helps when weather is unpredictable
    Lots of bright colours winter and autumn shouldn’t mean dull
    feel comfortable… nothing worse than fiddling with straps or trouser buttons all day

  121. Dawn Carlton says

    1) The right footwear for the weather
    2) Layers you can take off or add when the weather is unpredictable
    3) Nice bright accessories to cheer up your outfits on grey days

  122. julie perry says

    A good neutral chunky Cardi,to put on,take off when weather changes. Lots of scarfs for co-ordination. A BIG selection of handbags,coz us girls love them :)

  123. Elizabeth yeates says

    1- Ugg boots! So comfy and great with leggings
    2- Leggings!!! Cosy and warm, yet stylish
    3. Invest in some pretty jumper dresses! Go great with the above items!!!

  124. Mary Heatley says

    Oversized wooly jumpers, they make you look smaller.
    Wear tights under your leggings to stay warm.
    Always carry an umbrella, this is England after all.

  125. liz ferguson says

    buy your key clothes in matching colours, so putting outfits together in a rush is easy!
    buy a few bright scarfs to jazz up outfits
    buy a good pair of boots!

  126. Jennie Silver says

    Lots of thin layers add up to cosy toasty warm feeling and can look trendy at the same time. Extra long sleeves to keep wrists warm. Invest in a snood. They are great to feel comfortable outside and keeping your head warm is an all round way to stay cosy.

  127. lorraine polley says

    buy a good pair of boots – quality counts
    remember to get a few cardigans – just need an extra layer to keep the chill out
    mix and match – neutral colours can be teamed with anything

  128. Rachael farley says

    Layer up as central heating makes it too hot indoors sometimes
    Brighten up outfits with this funky colourful accessories
    Invest in a good printed scarf to add a bit of something to any outfit

  129. Mary Heald says

    1. Take an honest friend with you for their opinion
    2. Visit as many shops as you can keeping a note of the things you might buy.
    3. Consider what you already have in your wardrobe that will go with your new purchases before you buy.

  130. mellissa williams says

    1) Pick autumn colours that will suit your colouring
    2) buy quality essentials such as a nice coat – spend what you can afford on it
    3) spruce it up with seasonal fashion items such as a top in that season style and shades

  131. Katherine De Riera says

    Buy a coat in a colour that will go with anything, in a style that can be dressed up or down like the military style coats.
    Bright accessories to liven up winter days
    Try a pair of funky patterned tights with your skirts to add a fresh and unique twist to your outfit!

  132. victoria middleton says

    make sure u have some nice long jumpers and realy nice leather boots plz make sure u dress for your size

  133. Irene Wright says

    1. Always wear a vest – sound corny and old fashioned but layers are the key to keeping warm.
    2. Wear a sunblock on your face & exposed neck every day even though it may not be sunny.
    3. Get your winter clothes out of storage now and refresh them – winter is not too long away.

  134. Honora Livesey says

    1) Choose wardrobe staples that mix and match for the season
    2) Choose pieces that layer up as the Weather is so unpredictable in Autumn
    3) Choose Autumn colourings that suit your hair/skin/colouring not that just follow the catwalk.

  135. Lisa Armstrong says

    1) Have a few good quality basics to mix and match.
    2) Don’t ‘over-do’ the jewellery and accessories.
    3) Don’t think just because it’s Autumn/Winter you should only wear dark colours. Brighten it up !

  136. Karen Lloyd says

    Buy a good range of accessories, they can make the same outfit look very different.
    Invest in a good quality coat that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.
    Buy clothes that can be layered to suit the weather.

  137. Sarah Scott says

    My top tips include Autumnal colours and wearing items that will keep you warm when it is colder but you won’t overheat in if it is a little warmer as our Autumn weather can be a little indecisive!!

    1) A good pair of brown (very Autumnal colour!!) leather boots. They can be worn with or without tights on warm/cooler days and still look great!
    2) A brightly coloured oversized scarf/Pashmina which can be worn instead of a coat.
    3) A beautiful thick woolen cardigan that will keep you warm when it is cold and you can wear open when it is a little warmer.

  138. Jennifer Hudson says

    1. Be prepared and always take a jacket when you go out.
    2. Wear layers then you can cool down if it isn’t quite as cold as you thought.
    3. Wear leather boots in case it suddenly rains – you can wear some comfy socks without anyone noticing, too.

  139. Hayley Cunningham says

    1) If in doubt – chuck it out (cluttered wardrobe = style rut)
    2) Free up some cash. – Anything too good for the bin sell on ebay. ones junk is another’s treasure.
    3) Try something new. Bold colours. Maybe new hairdoo too. Feeling confident, refreshed, inspired & invigorated!

  140. Dominique says

    Cardigans for style, they wont be too hot or cold.
    A cute pair of flat boots, ankle or knee.
    Add small pops of colour with accessories, like a hat or scarf.

  141. tracey thompson says

    i buy early when its often got 25% off when first comes out, like packs of 2 so you can mix and match and like to buy items you can layer if cold or take off if still warm

  142. Christina Jarrett says

    Buy cheap autumn clothes in the spring sale, wear colours you love, that suit you (don’t just follow the fashions) and wrap up warm! There’s no need to walk around half naked, shivering!! 😀

  143. jessica newman says

    Layering, some great cheerful and colourful winter jumpers and dresses to cheer up those dull days, I love boots and have loads of different pairs for every possible occasion

  144. Sarah S says

    1. Buy a pair if boots that will see you through autumn & winter
    2. The cardi is your friend in the autumn!
    3. A scarf will keep you warm and brighten up an otherwise dull outfit.

  145. Julia Plant says

    1) Layers
    2) Make the most of colour offered by scarves (I love scarves :)
    3) Invest in a good coat that will work with different outfits

  146. Lucy says

    1. Lot of layers
    2. Wear your summer dresses but with tights and a cardigan
    3. Grab yourself a great pair of riding boots

  147. Paula Phillips says

    Wear a scarf to keep you warm and brighten up an outfit.
    Buy a good pair of boots that will last you.
    Get a nice warm jacket/coat that will go with anything.

  148. zoe bryan says

    Wear what makes you feel good buy nice and early to avoid disappointment and remember a pair of tights go along way to change the look of an outfit.

  149. Loma Wood says

    A) Wear my dresses over leggings
    b) Use my summer floral bag with black jeans and jacket
    3) Old tees can be worn under anything for extra warmth!

  150. Helen says

    Choose colours that suit your skin colour, styles that suit your shape and don’t spend a fortune as things quickly go out of fashion

  151. Leigh Larkin says

    1) Scarves are a great way to stay warm and create a new look to an otherwise old outfit with minimal outlay.
    2) Buy classic key pieces in the Xmas sales – you know they’ll be used next winter!
    3) Spend on some good winter boots!

  152. Keri Jones says

    Boots! You need a good pair of boots for autumn/winter so make sure you shop around and get a hard wearing yet comfortable pair that will see you through till spring.
    Hair! Change your hair colour/style. It will make you feel good and look fabulous!
    Makeup! Go for a make up review as your skin might be a different colour than it was in the summer :)

  153. Sally Collingwood says

    Anything rich autumn colours, browns and oranges. Thick Wooley jumper with polo necks -so snug and of course the Christmas Jumper!!

  154. Caroline says

    1) Team summer maxi dresses with cardigans/scarves
    2) Invest in a decent pair of boots
    3) Have a really good hair cut, perhaps a new style, but definitely a deep conditioning treatment

  155. helen booth says

    1. Don’t scrimp on a pair of good boots! Cheap wont last the whole autumn/winter – invest in a good pair!
    2. Gorgeous snug scarf
    3. Big knitted cardi!

  156. Kelly Hooper says

    buy neutral colours, so you can accessorise to suit your taste and mood
    Only buy things you feel comfortable in, £500 dresses still look rubbish if your constantly pulling a them
    Add bright colours to your wardrobe, keep you smiling as the cold weather sets in

  157. claire little says

    bright colours are a must, feel confident as if you’re confident inside it won’t matter about the outside and remember a jacket!

  158. Jane Middleton says

    Autumn is a great time for knitwear so tip number 1 – get your jumpers out. Tip number 2 – stock up on scarves. Tip number 3 – time for macs and raincoats, they always look smart

  159. Sarah Ballantyne says

    Brighten outfits up with gorgeous scarves and accessories
    Don’t be tempted to reach for big heavy clothes when the colder weather comes – stick with shapes that suit your body type, use layers and make sure you have a great winter coat and boots.
    Look after your skin – going from the cold to heated buildings is hard on your skin and dries your lips. Keep a small pot of moisturiser and some lip balm handy and make sure you drink plenty of water.

  160. Debbie Godbolt says

    comfort is important or you will not carry yourself well in your clothes
    layer then if it gets to warm you can take something off
    use jewellery to complement your clothes and personality
    buy clothes that flatter your body shape they will give you confidence that shows

  161. Joy Dehany says

    Plums, golds and browns will ease you from summer, into autumn and effortlessly into winter. It’s flattering for everyone.
    Buy a good pair of winter boots which will last you right through to spring, don’t bother with cheap ones.
    Get a great chunky long line cardi you can throw on. Looks great and stylish when it’s a bit nippy out but not cold enough for a coat.

  162. Hayley Todd says

    1) Skinny Jeans are a autumn/winter must-have – they can be dressed uo or down and will co-ordinate with everything
    2) Lovely chunky knit neutral coloured jumpers – not only make you nice and warm but look fab with skinny jeans for the early morning school run
    3) A fabulous warm and snuggle parka coat is a must this season – not only will you look bang on trend (and you can buy them in loads of age-appropriate styles) but it will keep you lovely and warm!

  163. teressa oliver says

    shop clearance racks in the early summer. Wear short sleeved shirts with easily removed jackets as the temp fluctuate. and waterproof jackets and wellies are a must

  164. sharon wilson (williams) says

    Clothes that compliment each other, can be used for day or night by adding extra accessories. complimentary colours that suit your skin tone

  165. says

    1. Layer! Autumn can be an awkward time to dress for because the weather is up and down. Layering is the best way to avoid flushes!
    2. Buy simple statement pieces that can be dressed up or down.
    3. Buy the right size!! So many women buy a bigger size than needed!

  166. says

    1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! Most people think you should only wear dark colours in A/W but it’s not true. If you aren’t feeling brave enough, simply add a pop of colour by wearing bright accessories.

    2. Chunky knitwear is our friend. Oversized knitwear is perfect for wearing on a fat day and it’s great for layering. Yum!

    3. Mix prints. Tartan will be huge for AW13 and don’t be scared to mix it with other print to create a cool statement look.

  167. says

    Use scarfs with pretty autumn colours to jazz up a plain top
    Lots of cardigans for when the day starts off warm and then gets chilly
    Spend on a great pair of boots that will see you through A/W, ones that can be worn with skinny jeans and skirts.

  168. scarlett brannan says

    1. Layer loads! Then you can use some summer items as some of the layers.
    2. Wear bright colours
    3. Always make sure you have a good pair of boots for those rainy cold days

  169. Zoe Coen says

    1. Layer long sleeve & short sleeved tops
    2. Only buy things you feel comfortable in
    3. Invest in a good pair of Boots

  170. Gaynor Robertson says

    Something pink ;pink is the colour for autumn
    Oversized jumpers
    Animal print to bring out your inner animal just not to much or you will end up looking like bet lynch lol

  171. hannah mayle-miller says

    1.go with trends you like, dont just wear some thing because someone else is be your self.
    2. warmth, wear layers that mix well but dont make you walk like a penguin.
    3. comfy boots but warm no heels as you,ll just get frost bite.

  172. Joanne says

    1. Choose colours that suit you
    2. Accessories are your friend
    3. Don’t buy items just because they are in season – think about if they suit your shape.

  173. Carroll Marsh says

    1.I always start with a thin summer top!(Get some wear out of it!)
    2.I always Think a Sweatshirt is Brilliant,especially cotton,so youre not too sweaty!
    3.A lovely chunky scarf,and Hat with Earflaps.

  174. Catherine says

    1. Layers, layers, layers.
    2. Jewel colours, like emerald, amethyst and sapphire are great for autumn.
    3. Have fun and keep warm!

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