Five Ways to Get Your Kids to Keep Their Bedrooms Tidy

Five Ways to Get Your Kids to Keep Their Bedrooms Tidy

One of the biggest problems parents come across is trying to get their children to keep their bedrooms tidy. Hectic social lives, after school clubs and a variety of homework assignments can make this task one that is overlooked all too easily.

However, a busy calendar shouldn’t be a constant excuse for an untidy bedroom and there are numerous solutions to consider.

1. Schedule a time

Children will often use other activities as an excuse for not tidying-up after themselves. They may say they have an assignment to finish, a friend to meet or an unmissable sporting event to attend. This may well be true, but it shouldn’t mean half an hour per week can’t be put aside for this task.

Scheduling a time in which your son or daughter is to tidy his or her room is a good way to make this activity a priority. Making it the same time every week will allow them to develop a routine.

2. Put items away as and when you are finished with them

We are all guilty of forgetting to put certain items away when we’ve finished using them. The end result is usually a mountain of clothes, books and toys, which can look like an impossible task to tackle.

Getting into the rhythm of putting things away when they are finished with is a great way to avoid a pile-up. Investing in bedroom storage, such as boxes, labelled drawers and cabinets, is a good way to encourage kids to put their toys, clothes and books away after they’ve used them.

3. Let your child know their room is a mess

Your children may not understand the concept of ‘messy’ and it’s therefore important to let them know when certain rooms in the household are looking a little out of sorts.

You may wish to take a photo to illustrate the difference between the two and pin this to their bedroom door, to act as a constant reminder of what their rooms should look like.

4. Make tidying-up into a game

Very few (if any) children enjoy tidying-up. Making the process into a game is a great way to encourage your little ones to keep their environment in order. Try setting a time limit for them to find each toy a home and offer a reward on completion.

5. De-clutter

If your child’s bedroom is looking a little on the cluttered side, it may be time for a clear out. Clearing out drawers, boxes and bags will allow for more space, which will make the tidying-up process a lot easier.

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  1. Sarah Cooper says

    Some great ideas in theory but I find not many of them actually work on my 10 year old. I think the best tip out of them all is to declutter, that way they appreciate their toys more too.

  2. Carol says

    Outstanding ideas!!! The same problem is in my home. My little girl Eva is so careless. So thus I was always searching for some ideas which could help me. I found your tips so helpful for me. Thanks a lot for this great inspiration.

  3. Claire Appleton says

    Great tips, having a photo of a tidy & a messy room is a great idea I will definitely be trying it with my little girl! Thanks :)

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