Warburton’s Krazy Kitchen

I love a cookery show with a twist, so when I was asked to share this video with you, I just knew that I had to oblige. Warburton’s have opened their Krazy Kitchen for two families and this week it’s the kids turn to battle each other. Their task is to create a delicious lunchtime snack using Warburton’s Sandwich Thins, but not without the Krazy Kitchen showing it’s true colours.

The table wobbles, a crazy chicken is running around the table and a feather storm threatens to ruin the kids’ sandwich. Will the little chefs succeed and be able to complete their challenge? Check out the video below:

Warburtons have families at heart and with five generations of expertise, they regularly bring out products that allow us to have a healthy and balanced diet without compromising on taste and convenience.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Spreaditfast


    • Carolin says

      Haha, I knew you’d be commenting on this – so predictable 😛 No rip of, it’s not THE Crazy Kitchen 😉


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