Balance Bike Review – Tiny Bikes from Fun 4 Kids

balance bike review balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers tiny bike review

Balance bikes are great for a child’s motor skills, so when Fun 4 Kids got in touch and asked, if they could send Amy one of the bikes from their range, I knew that she would absolutely love it.

Her very own balance bike from the Tiny bikes range arrived only a couple of days later and it couldn’t have been easier to assemble it. The bike frame came with the back wheel already attached and all you had to do was screw on the front wheel and fix on the handle bar and seat. I think it took me all of 5 minutes.

balance bike review balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers tiny bike review

Amy watched me while I assembled her bike and got really excited about trying it out. As soon as I had fastened the last screw, she went for a test drive in the garden. First very careful, then like a complete pro. She was instantly able to reproduce the movement needed to ride the bike and I was just astound about how quickly she had mastered this new skill.

Despite being very lightweight, Tiny Bike’s Balance Bike is very sturdy and gives little ones the feeling of security that they need when learning a skill completely new to them. The rubber wheels are the perfect width for little bikers as they prevent slipping and guarantee a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors.

balance bike review balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers tiny bike review

The Tiny Bike Balance Bikes from Fun 4 Kids come in eight different colours and are suitable for children from 2 – 4 years. At a price of £49.99 (they’re currently reduced from £69.99), they are great value for money and the perfect present for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Amy has been on her bike every day for weeks now and I can’t see her getting tired of it until she actually outgrows it. She rides it in the garden, we took it on holiday with us and it’s her loyal companion whenever we go to the park or for walks. I really couldn’t be happier with it.

It provides Amy with hours of fun and at the same time helps her sense of balance and stimulates her physical and mental development. What’s not to like?

Disclosure: We were provided with a free Tiny Bike Balance Bike for the purpose of this review.


    • Carolin says

      I think I could actually put both seat and handle bar a little higher. She’s quite tall. I said to Ben the other day that I would be surprised, if she wants a bike for Christmas now. She absolutely loves this one x

  1. lucy says

    We r thinking of getting one for 3year old at xmas (month after his birthday) but csnt decide if he’ll grow out of it to quickly. Just think he’ll have more fun than an actual bike

  2. Marion says

    I could be doing with having one, I’m not too good on a bike, got to come off and push it up a hill and I can’t get it up or down kerbs. I don’t ride them too often because I’m an accident waiting to happen. Not very good coordination either lol 😀

  3. Tracy Nixon says

    My little girl has one of these and she loves it! I always thought balance bikes looked strange but now I think they really aid children in their motor development!

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