Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Sofa

finding the perfect sofa

When considering updating your lounge, the number one investment that you will undoubtedly have to think carefully about is the sofa. As a focal point to any living room, it needs to be perfect – perfect for your requirements, the shape and size of the room and your personal taste. Whether you choose a large settee or a couple of stylish small sofas is completely up to you but whatever you choose needs to be durable, tasteful and a reflection of who you are.

Value for money is obviously an important factor and while it’s tempting to spend less so that you have more cash to splash elsewhere, remember that you get what you pay for. If you want to invest in quality that will last you for many years to come, the beautiful British sofas provided by Sofas and Stuff would be ideal. Regardless of what kind of sofa you are after, there’s bound to be a style to suit.

Opt for a corner sofa if you’re a big family who loves to curl up together to watch the latest flick. Corner sofas are perfect, no matter what the size of your room, and can be bought in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours.

If you’re a sucker for the trendy and fashionable look, mix and match prints and plain fabrics for a contrasting lounge, or choose a stand-out piece that really has the wow-factor.

If you struggle with space in your home but would love to be able to provide a bed for guests travelling from far and wide, consider a quality sofa bed. It’s amazing how comfortable these can be and whether you’re trying to make the most out of the space in a compact spare room, or you want to use it as a main sofa in your living room, there’s plenty of options available.

Make sure that you base your decision on who you share your home with. If you have kids and pets, cream or pale sofas would be unwise – the fabric you choose will also be affected but rest assured, whatever your requirements, you will be able to find a quality sofa to suit.

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  1. Vicky Robinson says

    Good advice. I had material sofas for years before I realised that black leather was the only thing suitable for them being wipe clean & almost mark proof!

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