My favourite winter warmers

During the last week, we’ve all become aware of the fact that summer is well and truly over. It’s been windy, wet and most of all really nippy. So it’s time to throw your thermostat on and warm up with some tasty winter warmers.

Here are my all time favourites:

baked apples

Bratäpfel or baked apples are something that sends me straight back to the winter months of my childhood. I think my very first encounter with them was in kindergarten, but they were also a popular winter and autumn tried in our house. They’re super easy to make and seeing Kelly’s recipe over on Domestic Goddesque this week has inspired me to share mine over the next couple of days, so watch out for it.blackberry crumble

Crumble is something that I had never heard of until I moved to England, but I very quickly became a massive fan of it. I think it’s the sour kick of the fruit and the sweetness of the crumble topping that makes it the perfect winter warmer for me. Oh and the crunchie crumble topping, of course! There’s nothing better then relaxing on the sofa on a dark autumn or winter evening and enjoying the mix or crunchy topping and soft fruit. Amazing! Soljanka

Soljanka is probably not really known in the UK as it’s a Russian soup, but I absolutely love it. My mum made it a lot when I still lived at home and when she phoned me yesterday and told me that Soljanka was what they were having for dinner, I instantly got jealous. I will definitely make it next week or the week after, because I didn’t realise how much I missed it until my mum mentioned it, but it so tasty that I just have to have it back in my life.
hot chocolate

I don’t have to say much about hot chocolate, do I? It’s the classic winter warmer and still one of the best ones to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m not usually a milk drinker, but when making a hot chocolate milk is an absolute must. You will really taste the difference. If you like experimenting, try and add some spices to give your hot chocolate a more exotic touch. Chilli powder or pumpkin spice are supposed to be really nice winter and autumn flavours.

So here you go, these are my favourite winter warmers. What are yours?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Heatmiser UK, makers of thermostats that make sure that you stay warm when your winter warmers have gone. Image credits from top to bottom: Eat Smarter, Neil Conway, source unknown via Pinterest, source unknown via Pinterest,


  1. julie perry says

    Rubarb crumble is a great favourite of mine and I love baked apples,easy to do.
    Love the look and sound of the soup….must give it a go :)

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