Jewel Candle Review

Jewel Candle review

I love candles and the warmth that they spread in your home, so when the lovely people from Jewel Candles got in touch and asked, if I wanted to review a candle with a twist, I just couldn’t say no. Jewel Candles are like ordinary fragranced candles, but they contain a hidden surprise that comes to the surface once you’ve burned your candle for about 15 hours: a piece of jewellery worth between £10 and £250.

Jewel Candles come in two different sizes: There is the small size that costs £16,95 and contains earrings and the bigger size that costs £24,95 and comes with a ring. I was sent a Jewel Candle in each size and  I have to say that I absolutely love them. I received the scents vanilla ice-cream for the small one and sweet cupcake for the big Jewel Candle and both scents are really pleasant and not overpowering at all.

As I’m nosy and a tiny little bit impatient, the vanilla ice-cream candle was the first candle that I lit. It’s the smallest candle and I thought, that the earrings should make an appearance quite quickly, but I had underestimated the stamina of the Jewel Candles. It took a good 20 hours until I could fish the little heat protected parcel out of the wax and unwrap my piece of jewellery, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. Okay, I didn’t find a set of £250 earrings, but my set (worth £15) is really lovely and actually something that I would have bought had I seen it in a shop.

Jewel Candle jewellery

I don’t know how my ring looks yet or if it will fit at all (sausage finger alarm), but I’m totally sold on the concept behind Jewel Candles. They are not only a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, but they are also a lovely treat that you can spoil yourself with. Considering that you are getting a lovely piece of jewellery with each candle and not to forget the excitement whilst waiting for the candle to burn down, Jewel Candles are really great value for money and definitely something that I will be getting back to when buying presents for Christmas or other occasions.

Disclosure: I was provided with two candles for the purpose of this review and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might discover a little Jewel Candle giveaway on the blog very soon.


    • laura says

      I said this to my husband when I discovered the website and he said it would be great if you were getting an expensive ring but some women might get offended at a £20 engagement ring lol

  1. laura says

    I have just ordered my sister in law the cookies and cream earrings candle for part of her Christmas gift as she loves yankee candles etc and when I see the website I knew I had to order one for her as they are something different


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