Kids Capture The Colour Competition

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A couple of weeks ago, Amy was sent a camera to take part in Travel Supermarket’s ‘Kids Capture The Colour Competition’. She loves taking photos and looking at them, in particular her little photo album with photos of all her family, so I thought she would have a lot of fun with the task of taking 5 photos featuring the colours blue, green, read, yellow and white.

At two and a half, she is quite good with her colours, so this part of the task didn’t pose a problem, but Amy is also a little whirlwind, so we hand dozens of retakes, because either her object had moved, she had moved or the picture was completely blurry.

Amy’s biggest problem wasn’t finding objects to take photos off, but using the camera. It was quite small and Amy struggled a little pushing the buttons and not moving the camera, so we took the majority of photos with my Canon 40D. To make things a little easier for Amy, we popped it on Auto Focus and I helped her hold it as it does get quite heavy for little ones – no secrets here. Oh yes and I obviously cropped the photos and added the writing to them πŸ˜‰

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