X-Factor – love or hate?

xfactor judges 2013“Hate” is such a strong word yet we seem adamant on hating on people these days, people, who quite frankly, we don’t know from Adam.

So, where does this apparent anger come from? Some are seeing it as an actual emotional investment in people we elevate, with lifestyles or talent we may envy. A good example of this is people’s obsession with X Factor. We see them on the television and imagine that the edited TV version of that person is someone we actually know. The next thing we know, we feel our blood boil, we hate James Arthur as much as we hate our ex boyfriend and we soon start searching for comprehension of this anger. We go on Facebook and realise that thousands of people also share this anger; you must therefore be normal right?

Apparently so. Social media has become something of a phenomena for people jumping on the hate-bandwagon, campaigns of disdain towards people we don’t know have become part of our every day lives and psychologists are seeing it as something of a revelation. Much like any form of hatred, this anger is actually a sign of caring too much and creating an emotional investment in the shows themselves. It is this element of humanity that people are now trying to cash in on. Places like Freebets.org are recognizing this cheerful disdain as a new sort of industry and people are starting to tactically bet on talent shows like they would a sport.

Their direct dislike for one individual increases their affection for another and weighing up the popularity of the loved and the hated becomes something of an art-form. X Factor is very much evidence of this claim. People who are terrible become “the favourite”, as the public jump on the bandwagon of obsession, one it would seem that has been put in place by the haters. It makes people intentionally ironic or controversial with their favourites, simply knowing how others dislike them.

It would seem that this hatred is only adding to the cult of the chosen celebrity. As they say “All press is good press” and it would seem that hate campaigns are proving this point.

What do you think about the X-Factor? Are you a fan or do you avoid it and who is you favourite contestant of all time?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Juliette Duprès


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