10 Delicious Stollen Recipes for Christmas

10 stollen recipes for Christmas Christmas Stollen

I love Stollen! Being German, it’s just the epitome of Christmas for me, so in a quest to find some lovely recipes for advent, I have hit Pinterest and as always, it didn’t disappoint. I have pinned dozens of tasty of recipes and because caring is sharing, here my top 10 delicious Stollen recipes for Christmas – just for you!

  1. Stollen Spirals
  2. Vegan Stollen Bread
  3. Garmish Nut Stollen
  4. Christmas Stollen Muffins
  5. Cherry And Pistacchio Mini Stollen
  6. Stollen Wreath
  7. Sticky Stollen Cupcakes
  8. Nutty Stollen Buns
  9. Stollen Scones
  10. Traditional German Christmas Stollen

Do let me below, if you have any interesting Stollen recipes on your blogs or if you are planning on making a Stollen this year. I can really recommend them!


  1. Tracy Nixon says

    Wonderful recipe for Christmas thank you! I have printed this off so I can buy in the ingredients! I love cooking and baking on the run up to Christmas! I put on my holly pinny and Christmas CDs and dance around the kitchen like a looney lol!

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