Day 6 Blogger Advent Calendar: Homemade Chocolate Truffles

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I always send a few homemade gifts each year. I find that people really appreciate the effort, and while not always the very cheapest option, they are certainly good value! One of my most popular gifts are melt in the middle chocolate truffles. I use a recipe from the BBC Good Food website.

They are incredibly easy to make, although they can get a bit messy – making them perfect for the kids to help with. There are so many ways you can package these, either in Christmas cellophane bags as I have done this year, in gift boxes or as part of a hamper – whether the rest is homemade or not!

By getting the kids involved these make perfect gifts for teachers or teaching assistants at the end of term.

Some variations on the Chocolate Truffle recipe

I always find that the cocoa coating is a little bitter for my taste so below are a few ideas of other coatings.

  • Grated milk, white or dark chocolate
  • Shaved milk, white or dark chocolate
  • Chopped nuts – unsalted peanuts or pistachios are perfect!
  • For someone with a really sweet truth try icing sugar
  • Sugar or chocolate strands, hundreds and thousands, or any other cake decorating embellishments
  • Desiccated coconut

Here are some ideas for varying the flavour of the truffles – leave out the vanilla essence if you are using any other flavouring.

  • Add chopped nuts or crushed biscuits into the Grenache mixture before it sets to alter the texture
  • Try adding any essence you have – almond, rum
  • Add the grated zest of orange, lemon or lime
  • Use flavoured chocolate in place of the milk chocolate
  • Add 50ml of any Baileys flavour – I added the regular Baileys to these, but they would be amazing with the hazelnut or orange Baileys flavours
  • Add 25ml of your favourite tipple – whiskey, brandy or dark rum work best, but you could also try Cointreau.

You could even make a selection of the above to either send as a gift, or enjoy yourself!

The 6th day of the Blogger Advent Calendar was brought to you by Andrea from All You Need Is Love And Cake. Andrea is a stay at home mum to 2 year old daughter Sophie and blogs about the two loves of her life: her family and baking.



    Sounds delicious will have to give it a try with my eldest for her teachers as was wondering what to get them both as this is the first year as she is in reception :)

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