Sale find: Cool T-shirts for cool dudes

cool t-shirts from capology

Guys are notoriously hard to by for but one thing that Ben and all his friends love are cool T-shirts with colourful and bold prints, fun slogans or just a quirky design. On the hunt for his birthday present, (yes, I’m the unfortunate girlfriend who has to get Christmas presents and birthday presents within 3 weeks), I checked out Capology, who usually specialise in caps, but also have a great selection of T-shirts and accessories from brands like Deadline, Hall of Fame and many more.

I have made a little collage of my favourite T-Shirts above and thought it would be great to share my finds. They’re usually retailing at around £40-£45 per T-Shirt, but as just about every company in the country, Capology are currently having a sale on allowing you to pick up one of their cool T-Shirts for about £24-£30, which is pretty good value for a good quality T-Shirt, if you ask me.

If T-Shirts aren’t your thing, make sure to check out the caps and other items of their extensive clothing line. There are lots of different styles available and I’m fairly sure that you’ll find something for every guy under 35 or the young-at-heart – that will be Ben for one more year after his birthday 😉

Before you fall into a shopping frenzy, let me know what your favourite item of clothing is. I need inspiration! 

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