Day 2 Blogger Advent Calendar: Helping at Christmas

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I know charity begins at home, but if you have a chance to help others, I recommend doing it – not only because it will make you feel warm inside knowing you have done something for others, but because it’s important in this day and age. Bills are soaring, wages not raising and many are taking a pay cut to ensure that they keep their job. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been hit hard. They have lost their jobs and even their homes, but they still have to find ways and means to provide for their family.

How can you help?

Food banks 

Food banks are popping up all over the place to help in times when most needed. The people going have swallowed their pride for the sake of their family. You can help by popping to your shop and adding a few extra essentials when doing your own shop. Ask family and friends to look in their own cupboards and find things they may be able to spare. I did this last year and took two huge boxes to our local Foodbank. Offer to help out once a week or even once a month. Volunteering your time is a better option, if you yourself are short on money.

Soup kitchens

Soup kitchens are another great way to help others less fortunate. You can find your local soup kitchen through DO Something. Spending a couple of hours with those who live on the streets or in a bedsit, lonely on a daily basis, makes such a difference to people.


Did you know that most hostels are only open for short periods of time due to lack of funds and volunteers? A hostel that we have been involved with, opens at 10pm and everyone has to be out by 9 am in the morning. They do however provide a warm bed in a single room that gives those in need a little privacy and give people the chance to have a hot shower and meal. A few spare blankets or a clean pillow can help them fight the world the next day.

So please, this Christmas make a difference! A few pounds spent on essentials, an hour or two to help out somewhere – you may really change someone’s Christmas.

The second post of my Blogger Advent Calendar was brought to you by Angie from Cakes Photos Life. Angie lives in Southport with her husband and son. She enjoys cooking, photography and has been supporting local charities and food banks for the last 10 years.

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  1. Unfortunately we’re hanging on by a thread ourselves, my partner lost his job last February and I have a long term illness and can’t work, they do a lot of good, but I do think that people need to learn to budget as well.


  2. Its times like these when you need more help and tend to give more help out, it inspires you when you sit back and think what kind of good can come from this time of year.


  3. I know of more and more people who are using food banks, its hard times out there.


  4. Charity is always welcome, from the other side…

    I’ve been homeless in the past for around 3 years, and then a year after finally finding a place to live the economy went belly-up so my employers went under and I lost my job. Being disabled no one wants to hire me, and my disability gets worse the longer I’m out of work, it’s been nearly 6 years now. It’s no fun.

    Due to an error on the part of Work Program my disability benefits have been sanctioned so I’m on £28 p/w, only due to that error rather than lasting just 2 weeks this may last 8 months…I’m working on changing that, but it’s been 6 weeks so-far and likely will remain like this over Christmas. The government got rid of social loans, and unlike for those on the dole when we disabled folks get our benefits stopped (whether due to error or because we can’t do the forced work placements due to our disabilities or ill health) there’s zero help.

    When it gets like this I can’t tell you how amazing a battered tin of apricots is!! If it wasn’t for a local church giving me food parcels I’d have gone hungry weeks ago, especially as I’m single with no children so I’m not considered serious enough to be sent to a food bank. Granted the food I’m getting is making me ill due to sugar and wheat, but it beats going through bins to eat. People have no idea how tough it is for some people right now, and unfortunately many just don’t care…it’s important that some people DO care.


  5. I noticed our local Tesco is running a scheme whereby anything donated by customers is passed onto a local food bank and then Tesco also contribute, which is a great idea. My husband and I will be helping this winter when the church we attend opens for a week as a shelter (all the churches in our area will be taking turns to open up, so that it is a different group of people aiding a core group to provide support to those in need). Having read the comment above from Kasha, I am shocked to learn that single people cannot go to food banks – surely anyone in need should be helped, albeit the quantities would vary for the number in a family?


  6. I am a huge fan of supporting food banks. And once my children have all left home you wont see me on Christmas day as I shall be in a soup kitchen all day.

    Thank you for reminding us all of the important work people do all year round


  7. Thank you for posting this, I’m shocked to hear that you get no help Kasha :( it makes me very sad, it’s not just about budgeting when things wrong, sometimes it’s circumstances also, from very personal reasons we know that living in a hostel isn’t nice.

    Mummy Barrow, I’m the same as you, when children have gone I won’t be at home Christmas Day, I will be doing my best to help others.

    And I don’t just help at Christmas either, I often buy a sandwich/hot pasty and cup of tea for a homeless person x
    Cakesphotoslife (Angie) recently posted…Santa Dash Liverpool (EitC) -CountrykidsMy Profile


  8. I always buy extras when shopping and drop them into a trolley left for this purpose, cant say it makes me feel good though. I feel so sad that people are so desperate they have to rely on the generosity of other people


  9. I have just donated to a collection we are having at work for our local food bank, great article.
    I would love santa to bring me an iPad


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