12 Days of Christmas Day 2: Win a Filofax Springboard

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Welcome to Day 2 of Mummy Alarm’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. We’ve started with a bang yesterday and you still have the chance to win the Sage Multi Cooker by Heston Blumenthal until midnight tomorrow, so do make sure to enter and tweet for an extra daily entry.

Over the next 11 days, you will be able to win fabulous prizes for all the family and with surprises ranging from gadgets to homeware, you will be sure to find the perfect Christmas present for everyone, so make sure you come back each day and enter to win one of 12 fantastic prizes.

Day 2: Win a Filofax Springboard Pocket

The Filofax Springboard Pocket retails at £30 and is a fabulous pocket organiser by legendary personal organiser producer  Filofax. It comes in the colour fuchsia and is a limited edition charity organiser that supports Springboard for Children, who work to raise the literacy of children in the UK. The Filofax Springboard Picket contains special content to help develop children’s literacy and comes with the following features:

  • transparent flyleaf
  • Springboard for Children front sheet
  • Springboard for Children information and activity double-sided sheets x 8
  • week on 2 pages diary – 5 language
  • ruler/page marker – magenta with white text and alphabet printed on back in capitals and lower case
  • 1-6 coloured index – magenta with white text
  • blue ruled notepaper
  • green ruled notepaper
  • pink ruled notepaper
  • addresses – 5 language
  • Springboard for Children information Z-card

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  1. Jadea says

    A plane ticket so I can see my fiance and [future] step-kids – currently they’re 5000+ miles away, and I’ve not seen them for around 5 months. Or Santa could always take me on his sled!

  2. Wendy Tolhurst says

    I’m very easily pleased – bubble bath, chocolate, books would all be welcome. If we had more money, I would maybe ask for either a new home computer or laptop, but that isn’t likely to happen so I will be quite happy with anything – a surprise is always good too!

  3. Elizabeth Smith says

    I’d like a potato ricer – lump-free mash and apparently they can be used to squeeze water out of spinach, so no more green puddles on the plate.

  4. Helen Porter says

    I want Santa to bring my family back together but seeing as that’s probably not going to happen a printer would be great!

  5. Rachel Craig says

    Some Winter clothes :- a warm, cosy jumper would be nice. As would some warm, sturdy practical boots suitable for the snow.

  6. Carolyn Davison says

    I want Santa to bring whatever it takes to make my baby’s first Christmas magical (so probably a few cardboard boxes, lots of bright, red wrapping paper… and a spoon).

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