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I’ve blogged about it a couple of times now, but our house is starting to get on my nerves. It’s a bit worn, boring and it just doesn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling that you have when you step through the door after a holiday or long weekend away. It’s a bit bleurgh and so for the New Year, I have decided that things will change.

It always starts with a new lick of paint, but I want our home to be a representation of us as a family. A place full of life, character and accessories that make it a place that you are proud to show off when friends pop round. At the moment, I just stumble something ‘Oh yeah, ignore the hallway, we’ll refurbish that in the New Year’ and it’s not nice.

To get some ideas for our big make-over (I’ll be sure to blog before and after pics), I hopped over to, a new website full of local independent stores that sell their goods online and boy, did I pin and bookmark. There are so many cool sellers listed and something that I really like about the site is that the items you can buy are not mass produced and therefore more unique. There’s nothing worse than having the same furniture and accessories as your neighbour, because you both shop at the same furniture retailer from Sweden.

Here’s a small overview of my selection. You can click on the image to be sent to my Pinterest board where you can find out more about each item and why I like it.

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Our board shows a bit of a style mix of modern and old – vintage and ethnic, but that’s us. We like a lot of different things and I think that when you are decorating your home it’s important to go with what you think feels right to you. offers dozens of accessories that you can fill your walls and sideboards with. It’s up to you to give them their character and tell their stories once they become a part of your home.

This is my entry to’s blogger competition.


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