Secret Santa with Debenhams

Debenhams Secret SantaI love giving presents – and, of course, receiving them – so when I was asked, if I would like to take part in Debenhams’ Secret Santa for bloggers, I instantly jumped on board. Who doesn’t like a spree of online shopping – even, if it is for someone else?

The rules were simple: 16 of us were given a budget of £80 each and let loose on Debenhams’ toy and gift section and boy was it fun. With gifts ranging from stationery over beauty products to quirky homeware and tasty treats, you are bound to find something for everyone, but will it be the right choice for someone you only know through blogging?

I loved reading the blog and finding out more about my Secret Santee, Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary, and I am absolutely thrilled that she likes her gifts, BUT this blog post is about my presents, so if you want to find out what I got for Amanda, pop here.

First up, I want to say that I can’t believe how much thought and effort my Secret Santa must have put into finding the perfect gifts for us (well, apart from the Rubik’s Cube, but more on that evil thing later). Everything that Ben, Amy and I received has a personal meaning to us and I really love that my Secret Santa took the time to find gifts for us that have a special touch.

Debenhams Secret Santa cupcake cushion

I received a super fluffy and colourful sofa cushion with an adorable cupcake print. If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you will know that I absolutely freaking love cupcakes! They are so pretty and yummy and even just looking at them makes me happy. The cushion that my Secret Santa chose for me is really vibrant, which is perfect seeing that my living room is in a bright mulberry pink and I’ve been on the lookout for some fun sofa cushions for ages! Thank you so much, Secret Santa!

Debenhams secret santa stationery pen with initial

My second love in life is stationery. I can’t ever have enough of it, no matter if notebooks, diaries, pens or markers. I see it, I have to have it – much to the misfortune of my bank account, but what can you say? It’s all in an attempt to become more organised, ahem! Now there are two possibilities: Either, my Secret Santa knows about my love for stationery or she thinks I need to get my act together – either way, I love my new pink initial pen from John Rocha and I will put it to good use. Writing a blog plan is being organised right? We’ll talk about sticking to it another time!

Debenhams Secret Santa Piglet loves Piglet

Next up, we have Amy’s present and it was just so so cute. She received a microwavable piglet – not of the food kind, that would be just wrong – but an adorable little pink stuffed piglet that you can pop into the microwave, if you want something cosy and cute to cuddle up to. I don’t only like it because it’s a lovely present for a little girl, but also because it has a personal touch. We’ve called Amy ‘Piglet’ ever since she was born, because she made these cute little piggy grunts when she was breastfeeding. I know this sounds completely gaga, but I just love it for that reason and as you can see from the picture above, Amy is equally smitten. Big thumbs up!

Debenhams Secret Santa Dart clothes hooks

Ben was completely thrilled when he received his present – a set of chrome darts coat hooks. For one, he didn’t expect to receive anything at all and secondly, Ben absolutely loves playing darts. He used to play for a pub team and has a dart board at home that he practises on every single day, so you can imagine that he was absolutely over the moon when he received the perfect man cave accessory. I can’t remember having ever mentioned that Ben is into darts, so I have no idea how my Secret Santa knew about it, but once again I loved the personal touch of the present, which made it even more special for Ben.

Debenhams Secret Santa Rubik's Cube

Now this one, my dear Secret Santa, we have to have a word about: a Rubik’s Cube! Really? I don’t do logic – AT ALL! In fact, I’m so useless when it comes to any form of mathematical thinking and problem solving that my maths teacher wanted to have me tested for dyscalculia when I went to school. There’s no chance on earth that I will ever complete this. I’ve tried for years and do you know how I tricked my Nan and Grandad into thinking I had done it? I took the stickers off and put them in the right places. Bad, I know, but I just can’t do it and to be completely honest, I’m lacking the willpower and patience to suffer through this. Amy likes pointing out the different colours and twisting it though!

Now who are you, Secret Santa? Initially, I thought you might be Mummy Barrow or Helen, but after seen them reveal themselves, I am taking a not so wild guess and think that you are … Donna from Little Lilypad!


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