Parenting advice: Baby proofing your home

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Baby proofing your home is an important step that you should not avoid. All too often parents mistakenly overlook this crucial process and only remember after something has happened to their little one. While the greatest sense of security should always be proper adult supervision, it can be difficult to track every movement your child makes throughout the day. To help busy parents, there are numerous devices that you can place around your home to increase the chances of keeping your child from getting injured. Here is a list of the most popular baby proofing items that you can install in your home:

  • Outlet Covers – These convenient covers fit right into your home’s electrical outlets to prevent your child from sticking objects or their fingers into the outlet.


  • Drawer and Cabinet Latches – Drawer and cabinet latches will keep your toddler from exploring their contents.


  • Door Knob Covers – A door knob cover will prevent your child from opening a door and keep them out of unwanted spaces.


  • Stove Knob Covers – These covers slip over the knobs of your stove to prevent your child from turning on the elements.


  • Window Cord Wind-Ups – These will keep your window cords out of baby’s reach, as it is quite easy for a child to become entangled in these cords.


  • Stair Gate – If your home has a set of stairs, you should either have a door at the top or a baby gate installed. This will prevent your child from falling down the stairs and possibly injuring themselves.


The type of home you have will play a major role in how you baby proof your home. If you find yourself in need of a bigger home due to a growing family, renting through a place like Rentify can be useful as they will be able to answer questions about the property you are moving into to a standard that is likely to be higher than an independent landlord.

Fire and Water

Along with installing items around the home, you can also make your home safer by lowering the temperature of the hot water. This will ensure that your child does not accidentally burn themselves while washing their hands or just playing with the water. Another great idea is to ensure that your home has working smoke detectors on all floors of the home and outside the sleeping area. For more great tips, check out the Baby Centre website.


Baby proofing your home will involve an overall inspection of any potential hazards. Your child’s age and temperament will also play a big role in how you baby proof your home. Some children are happy with the toys they have in front of them, while others are natural born climbers and investigators. To keep your child safe in their environment, try to inspect every aspect of your home as your child continues to grow and develop. A great baby proofing trick is to get onto the floor and inspect your home from a child’s level. You might just be amazed at what you can find when you really look around the home. Also, try to remove any small objects that are within reach of your little one.

This is a promotional post, but I hope these tips are helpful for you, if you are looking into baby proofing your home for a baby on the go.


    • Carolin says

      We didn’t. Amy was fairly good with all this stuff, but she was a ridiculous climber. 10 months old and walking along the windowsill…

  1. says

    I must admit to not baby proofing my house as much as some of my friends did. I believe that if you tell a child no the first time then after the second of third time they understand that they shouldn’t do something. I guess I have been lucky in that Roo and Tigger never attempted to open doors or drawers etc.
    Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Broken down {All the small things}My Profile

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