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converse loveI don’t know about you, but I’m all for comfort when it comes to clothing and shoes. Life as a mum is busy and hectic enough, so while juggling household, freelance work and an ever-demanding toddler, comfort is the least I can ask for when it comes my leisure attire, don’t you think?

A brand that screams comfort for me is Converse. I love, love, love their shoes and have literally been living in chucks for the past 10 years. I was first introduced to their chucks after I had a major operation on my right leg, which left my right ankle almost twice the size of my left ankle. Doctors had told me to wear ankle high shoes for at least 6 months after my recovery and despite me dropping all demands for style, there was literally nothing out there that fitted me or gave my foot enough support.

In the end, my friend suggested Converse and despite not being sold at first, I fell in love with them as soon as I tried them on. They were so comfortable and light and just what I needed. I really grew to like them have and since then have had them in black, grey, red and navy. Even Amy is a big fan of them. She owns pairs in pink, red and khaki and I totally intend to add to her little collection. We both love walking in them and even after a long day out and about, we don’t have blisters or painful feet.

Something that I have only found out recently is that Converse not only produce their iconic hi-tops, but also have a clothing line featuring hoodies, t-shirts as well as tracksuit bottoms and sweaters. It’s not your typical leisure range aimed at women – luckily, because if you ask me, there’s only so much bright pink and fake bling that a woman can deal with in one piece of clothing, but Converse’s understated look paired with their soft fabrics really makes the brand stand out to me when it comes to choosing comfortable clothing for leisure purposes – read lounging and lazing around!

What about you: What to you wear to exercise or ehm relax your stressed muscles on the sofa? 

This is a promotional post.


  1. Keri Jones says

    I love Converse! I have 17 pairs including hi tops, lo, flip flops, leather and limited edition. I’m a huge fan! They have so many colours you’re really spoilt for choice. My next pair of cons will be ones you don’t have to lace up, I think they have velcro down the tongue instead. I’m getting excited just thinking about it, lol. Thanks for the post :) x

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